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I’m a Messianic Jew (a Jew that believes Yeshua, a.k.a. Jesus, is the Messiah), a wife, and mother. I am a little OCD about cleaning my house, and keeping it clean. I'm an expert organizer, teaching others how to have a more organized home. I love to crochet blankets and stuffed toys, cross stitch, needle point, embroider, scrapbook, paper craft, restore old antiques, and sew. I love researching how things were done before modern technology took over, and seek to figure out how to incorporate that into our lives. My husband and I love to go antiquing, and have a house filled with antiques. I love the old stuff, and my husband loves all the technology, so we are constantly finding cool ways to hide the technology behind, or in, the old stuff, to make it work. I think my husband's favorite find was a vintage radio cabinet that he gutted to put his servers in. Dorky, I know, but it hides it from view, and serves a really cool purpose!

My husband is a computer genius, and a self proclaimed geek. Just ask anyone that has had him work on one of their computers. He has a way of explaining how to do something, without making you feel dumb. In fact he's so good at it that it's one of the main reasons he was hired on at the job he has now. The company passed up several other guys, who had more IT experience, to hire him because he has such amazing people skills, and a lot of IT skills too.

We have been so blessed, by G-d, that he has such a wonderful job for one of the largest financial cooperation in the world. He works so hard for us, for our church, and a delight to all he's around. He is such a wonderful man of G-d, and an incredible father. I love watching the kids' faces light up, when they hear the door being unlocked, knowing daddy is home to play with! It's priceless!

I have been married to the man God gave me, for over 12 years now. We have 6 children, 1 that is heart birthed, my husband's amazing 2 daughters and my step daughters, and 3 that are our birth children, that we lovingly refer to as our 'dinosaurs'.

Shadow is 18 years old, and lives with his biological dad, Mr. M, in Canada. Right now he's working on finishing up high school, and works an amazing job helping people in his community. He works at a local food bank, at a church, and helps them help the needy! He's a very hard worker and we are very proud of him!

I can't write much about my 2 step daughters, but from just being able to talk with them they are wonderful girls. Loving spirited women, who have been through so much in their lives from their bio mom.

Jackasaurus Rex is 7 years old, going on 12. This child is so smart, it's ridiculous. He learned his numbers 1-20, his alphabet, his shapes, his colors, and his street signs (such a boy wanting to know what the street signs mean while you're driving!) all before the age of 18 months. He is so incredibly smart, it's scary! He taught himself to read, with the help of watching "The Letter Factory" by Leap Frog once, when he was only 4! He is now reading at a 6th grade level, and he's only 7! He's in the 3rd grade this year, and loving his school work on his computer. If he gets his work done in time, he can do some independent research, so he loves doing that. The other day he wanted to learn about gene splicing... He gets his brains from his dad- that's all I can say! He is my sweetheart, and has such a gentle spirit about him. He loves all things robots, science, Star Wars, and Adonai. I love watching him re-enact Bible stories with his Bible action figures.

Mopsy is 6 and our little mama in training. She got her nickname from daddy, because she has these massive ringlet curls that go everywhere! Her hair is stunning! She is also my little diva. When she was a baby she got so used to people stopping us where ever we went, to tell her how pretty she was, that if someone didn't stop she would give them such a look, as if to say, "What, you didn't see me here? Don't you think I'm pretty?" I wish I could say that it's gotten better with age, but as she's grown older she's only gotten more beautiful, and other people are very quick to tell her how gorgeous she is. *sigh* It's hard to teach humility to a 6 year old, when everyone else is so quick to throw your lessons out the window! Mopsy is in 2nd grade now, and doing amazing. She pushes herself so hard, because she sees where Jackasaurus is at and wants to be there too. She loves math and reading- especially reading this series called the Rescue Princesses. They are chapter books, and for 3rd grade and up, so she is well on her way!

Alexsaur is 4 years old, and the sweetest child in the world. When I found out that we were going to be having him, I wanted something different then the hospital birth I had for the other 2. I decided to have a midwife, and have him right at home, in a birthing tub. It was the most amazing thing I've ever done, having him at home! There was no pain, it was so peaceful and tranquil, and he was able to be born in the warm water and transition smoothly into the world. His sissy had the fortune of waking up, while I was delivering him, and got to be there right after he was born. It really made all the difference, having him at home. Alexsaur is in Pre-K right now, but we'll be starting Kindergarten soon with him. He's getting bored with learning letters. The other day he says, "Mom, I want to learn multiplication like bubby does!" Yeah, he wants to jump right in the water! He loves anything Batman, superheroes, and playing with his siblings. He'll start learning to read soon, and he is so excited!

Other then the cat, which you probably don't want to hear about, that's it! I hope that you find this blog informative, entertaining, and that you learn something!

Until Next Time,

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