Sunday, March 1, 2015

March's Granny Square Swap

I'm really getting into this granny square swap, and trying my hand at cuter and cuter squares! I love how these squares turned out. Of course I'm including the free patterns, and showing how I made them into 6'' squares!

I'm so happy that Spring is on its way! What better way to celebrate then making my squares St. Patrick's Day themed! My granny square swap sister is Irish, and I know she will love these!

Four Leaf Clover

There were several things I did different then the pattern called for. First was I used an H hook, 5.00mm, instead of an I hook. I also skipped row 5 on the clover part, and skipped row 7 as well. I'm glad I skipped these rows, as the clover is massive! It fills the 6" square! At the end of row 6, instead of fastening off, I chained 7 and DC in the 3rd ch from the hook. HDC in the next 2 st, SC in the next, and SL at the beginning of the ch. I think it made a cute little stem for the clover! The last thing I did different was the actual granny square part. If I had done it, as the pattern called for, I would have made my square too big. So, I used the free pattern from Repeat Crafter Me. I used her pattern for attaching a granny square to the back of your applique.  The original pattern, for the four leafed clover, makes a 12" square, so these modifications were needed to keep my square at 6".

Some other modifications I did to this square are that I decided to tack down the clover to the actual granny square. There was no way to really fasten the clover to the actual square, while crocheting the square, and even after blocking it, if my friend decided to wash the blanket, the clover would get all funky looking and curl up. So, attaching a long piece of green yarn, the same color as the clover, I went along the backside of the clover and gently sewed it to the white granny square, making sure that the stitches didn't show on the opposite side of the square. Now the clover won't move, even when washed, and looks amazing!

Rainbow Motif Pattern
For the rainbow square I got this pattern. It's free. All I did was make a simple granny square and add the rainbow. I made a pot of 'gold' by hand. For that I did:

With an H, 5.00mm hook CH 5, HDC in the 2nd CH from hook and to the end. 3 HDC. CH 2 and turn. Work 2 HDC in the first loop and 2 HDC in the remaining 2 st. 5 HDC. Ch 1 and turn. Work 2 SC in the first HDC. Do only 1 SC in the next 3 sts and 2 SC in the last st. 7 SC. CH 12 and SL into the opposite side of the 'pot of gold' to make a handle. Fasten off.

With yellow, or gold, colored yarn, attach to the 3rd st on top of pot, on the wrong side of the piece. CH 3 and SL into the next stitch. CH 3 and SL into the next st. Continue to CH 3 and SL into the next st until the end, skipping the last stitch. Fasten off. 5 CH 3 groups. Sew onto square.

Leprechaun Hat
For this square I used an H hook, instead of the hook the applique pattern called for. All I did was make a 6" granny square and sew it on!

To finish off the set of 5 squares, I made just some normal granny squares, tying in the color theme.

Next month's will be an awesome square swap. Most of them I will be making patterns for, as I have a theme in mind and can't find patterns to fit what I want. I'll be posting those patterns as well, for free!

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