Saturday, December 5, 2015

Holiday Decor

This year I wanted to do something different then in the years past. Normally we would set up the huge tree, a small tree, and snowmen everywhere. It was a winter wonderland, and honestly I hated setting it up. It took all day to set it all up and then pack it all back up in a month. I really dreaded putting it all back up this year, so we didn't.

We decided to go minimal this year, choosing to decorate for the winter season (as I do for all the seasons anyway) and just include a few Hanukkah and Christmas decorations. The kids do love looking at the tree and helping set it up. And Mopsy said that the house looked "gorgeous" the way that it's decorated now. So here's what I did.

I googled snowflake patterns, and Star of David patterns to begin with.

I used a Red Heart pattern for the Star of David, and this adorable pattern from Anabelia for the 6 pointed snowflakes. 

Making these was really fast and simple. I was able to make over 80 of them in about 3 days time. The process that took the longest, and was really gross, was starching them so they would keep their shape.

I used Purex Sta-Flo, available at most stores like Wal-Mart. Most of the ladies I know simply spray it on, but I wanted these to not move at all! I poured the starch into a bowl, soaked the stars and flakes in the starch, and then by hand I wrung them out and laid them out- pinning them to keep their shape. It was, quite possibly, the nastiest thing I've ever done. That starch just felt wrong!

It took dunking two different batches, and about 6 days total drying time, for them all to be done, but man it was worth it! Here's how we decorated the house this year!

This was taken on Thanksgiving, while dinner cooked. Our Hanukkiah is on the high counter top, and everything looks festive and ready for winter!

I decided to make a new wreath, using the crocheted stars and snowflakes. 

I found these snowflake bowls at our local Dollar Tree, and they are perfect for holding my snowflake ornaments!

The only tree, and has all the children's ornaments.

The house is ready for old man winter to come!
This was much easier to put up- only taking me about an hour total- and most of it will stay up through out winter. The only thing that will be put up is the tree after Christmas. This was much easier on me, and the house still looks festive!

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