Friday, August 14, 2015

Shrink Art Keychains

My kids have been having a blast with Shrinky Dinks. Honestly, they are a lot of fun. We had a sleep over, a few weeks ago, and one of the activities we did was make earrings out of the Shrinky Dinks. The kids thought it was so cool that they started out huge, but once they baked for a couple of minutes, they shrunk down to tiny little things! At my local Dollar Tree, they actually had some Shrink Art kits, and I thought they would be really cool for my kids to work with.

Not my own photo, but this is the exact kit I bought.
Now with the kits I've bought online, on Amazon, they were preprinted designs. I thought that the Dollar Store version would be the same, but it wasn't. It was a blank shrink page, that you could trace the designs onto. That got my imagination going. Alexsaur loves Batman- especially the Lego Batman movie. And I mean he loves it. Jackasaurus loves Lego Star Wars, and Mopsy loves My Little Pony. Since I bought two kits, one for girls and another that was sports themed for the boys, and both of them came with blank shrink paper, I thought I would make something special for each of them.

I got online and found free coloring pages of their favorite characters, and printed them off. Then I just traced them onto the shrink art paper, on the rough side.

The shrink art paper is clear, but kind of a milky clear. Meaning you can see just fine through it, but the shrink art paper isn't clear. I hope that makes sense. Anyway, as you can see the images traced beautifully. I wish I was that good of an artist to actually free hand these, but I'm not- I leave that to my talented sisters!

After all the pieces were colored, I took a single hole punch and punched a hole in the tops of their heads. I wanted to be able to put these on keychains for the kids.

I put a nickel beside it for comparison. As you can see, the objects are big, but they shrink up so small! I baked them in a 325 degree, Fahrenheit, oven for about 3 min. I think the Batman took a little bit longer as his middle wouldn't shrink down right.

Oh my goodness, they are so small and cute!

After they cooled, I took my Mod Podge and brushed it on the back side where I had used colored pencil. We've done the Shrinky Dinks in the past, and you can actually scratch off the pencil, after it's baked, with your fingers. I wanted to make sure that they were a little more protected.

After putting on two coats, I slipped on some mini keychains, that came with the boy's kit, and they were done. My kids were so excited and thankful when they got them!

These were really fun to make, especially trying to hide it from the kids while I made them. I wanted it to be a surprise, and they were so surprised that I made their favorite characters for them!

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