Thursday, August 13, 2015

More Tichels

I can't believe that I'm coming up on my one year anniversary of wrapping my hair. What a blessing it has been, to me, in my life! I know, that probably sounds crazy, especially with today's view points on hair, but I have been beyond blessed since I began this journey.

I'm not normally one for taking 'selfies' but I do belong to a Messianic Covering Group of Women, who are an amazing inspiration to me in my walk with the L-rd, and we share ideas and our wraps to help those who are still starting out. I realized that I haven't posted any of these creations on my blog, and I really should do it more often. Before I get accused of being vain, that's not it. While I, personally, haven't received too many weird looks (I'm sure they are there, just not within my eye view) there are a lot of women, who cover, who do get weird looks. The thing is that wrapping is becoming more popular and its not just Jewish women. Catholic women are starting to cover their hair more, feminists, women who want to just protect their hair. And yes, wrapping your hair protects it from the harsh elements. Mine has grown so much in the year since I started wrapping that it's mind blowing- and it's way thicker too! Also, I want to help these women not feel self-conscious because they decided to start wrapping their hair.

So with that in mind, here are a few of my favorite wraps from this past year.

I know I've posted the last one before, but it really is my favorite wrap. I just love the birds! Now some questions I've been asked, this past year.

1. Aren't you hot? Well, actually, no. You see I have an autoimmune disease called Reynaud's which means the blood doesn't blow properly in my fingers, toes, ears, nose, etc. They are always cold, and yes even in the summer they are freezing. I have actually found that my body temperature stays more constant when wrapping, then allowing my head to burn in the sun, or for it to freeze in the cold air. As for sweating, I really don't do that with the Reynaud's anyway, and have to really work hard to actually sweat, so I haven't noticed any change. I've talked with other women, who cover, and they say that wrapping their hair actually helps them feel cooler in the summer, as their hair is off the back of their neck, the scarf catches any sweat and keeps it from dripping, etc.

2. Isn't that bad for your hair to constantly be covered? Well first off my head isn't always covered. I mean I do sleep with it uncovered at night! And actually I've noticed just the opposite. My hair seemed to be rather sensitive to the elements, and because of my natural curly hair it would break off if it was too cold, frizz up and look fried if it was humid, and so forth. I'm very gentle when I pull my hair back, and I put a bit of coconut oil in my hair, after washing, so it helps nourish my hair. Also, because my hair is covered, it doesn't get very oily at all. I'm not playing with it all the time, it doesn't get smelly from going out to a restaurant, etc. So normally I can just wash with water and conditioner and be fine. I normally only wash once a week now, and then again that's if it only needs it. My hair never gets that gross, greasy look to it now.

3. What about how people look at you? As I stated above, I haven't noticed any weird looks. If they look at me weird, they either do it when I'm not looking or I just don't care. The thing is I don't care if I get weird looks. I've actually found that people are more respectful towards me, when wearing a tichel then before. Men will, literally happened yesterday, wait for minutes for me to walk to the door, just so they can hold it open for me. Women seem to be kinder, allowing me to go first in line. I'm not saying that I expect it, but it's happened so much this past year that I've noticed it.

So there you have it. It's been a lot of fun coming up with new ways to wrap, and the blessings I've encountered by obeying the L-rd, in this, have just been amazing. As always, most of my inspiration comes from Wrapunzel, these amazing women who make how to videos on how to wrap these styles. Check them out!

Until Next Time,

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