Monday, August 31, 2015

August's Squares

Normally I'm not fond of August in Kansas. It's too hot, normally, and there's nothing fun going on in the month! I mean no holidays and it's too hot to want to do much. This August has actually been rather mild here. Today's high is only going to get up to 75 degrees Fareinheit! As nice as is it, I was really trying to figure out a theme for the August squares. Normally I take a theme from the month- a holiday, special celebration, etc- and build from there. Since there are no holidays in August I was struggling to think of something fun and new to make!

Finally it hit me. What is better then swimming when it's hot? I really didn't want to do a swimming pool theme, but I love sea life and water, so I figured that would be perfect! These squares turned out so cute and were a blast to make!

 Angel Fish Square

I got the pattern for the angel fish and sea weed Here. I used a 5mm- H/8 hook on every piece, and just made a 6" granny square in Delft Blue Red Heart yarn. I sewed on the appliques I made, and I love the look! So fun and colorful! I do apologize for the photo quality of this one. The angel fish is made in a pale yellow, and just got washed out when photographed.

Goldfish and Jelly Fish Square

I got the goldfish pattern at the same link above. The jellyfish was found Here. Once again, I used a 5mm- H/8 hook on every piece, and made a 6" granny square in Paradise Red Heart yarn.

Anchor and Crab Square

I found the anchor pattern Here and the crab pattern Here. I used a 5mm- H/8 hook on all pieces and the square. I love that crab! He turned out so cute! The main square was done in the color Pool Red Heart yarn.

And, as always, I make two plain squares to go with the set and finish it off.

This square was done in Coral, by Red Heart, with a pale yellow trim.

Done in Delft Blue, by Red Heart, with a pale purple border.

These were so fun to make, and I'm already working on September's squares. I love Autumn, and can't wait to create something that shows how much I love that season!

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