Sunday, August 16, 2015

A Gift

My adopted mother in law was cleaning out her house, and decided to give us a truck full of antiques. Man, am I in heaven! I'm still working on recovering some antique chairs she gave us, but that's taking us awhile to do. One of the gifts she gave us we finally got put into its new home.

For years, my Cobalt dishes, which my mom gifted parts to me and other parts I collected myself, sat sitting in their wrapping, in storage containers waiting for to be taken out for a special dinner. I had always wanted something I could put them in that made it easier to get to them, and kept them safe. I love using my Cobalt dishes, but haven't used them as much as I wanted to simply because they were such a pain to get out.

My husband brought this piece up, from the basement where it had been sitting since my adopted mother in law gave it to us, and set it up in the breakfast nook.

It houses everything just perfectly and right where I can easily use it! Everything is protected, and secure from the bumps the kids give it. And how about that gorgeous grape and flower bowl? I'm pretty sure it belonged to my great aunt, but to be honest I don't remember where I got it- all I know is that I'm obsessed with it and so is Mopsy. I found it hidden in my antique hutch.

Here's a few pictures of the Cobalt dishes, set up for a Mother's Day banquet I decorated for a few years ago, and set up for Thanksgiving, last year. Now that I have my set within easy reach, I'll be using it a lot more often!

Thank you, Mama V, for this gift. It means so much and is in a loving home that appreciates it so much.

Until Next Time,

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