Monday, July 6, 2015

Scripture Songs

One of my goals, for this next school year, was to have my dinosaurs not only learn the Books of the Bible, and their order, but also to learn more scripture. I don't know if you've tried to just memorize something, using repetition, but it really doesn't stick. I know for me that I seem to remember passages better when it's put to song. Even entire chapters are easy to remember when there's music to it.

This past June my 3 dinosaurs went to a local VBS (vacation Bible school) and this church really hit on the scriptures using music, and you know what? My dinosaurs were coming home singing these scriptures over and over again! That was enough for me, so I started looking for ways to incoorperate songs with the memorization of the Books of the Bible and memorizing scriptures. I found way too many links to share on this page, so instead I will just link you to my YouTube account where I've made an entire playlist off of really great songs.

The things is about scripture songs is that most of them, no not all but most, are just annoying. What good does it do, listening to these songs and trying to hide the Word of G-d in your heart if you just want to rip your ears off after awhile? These songs are fun, get the kids dancing, and best of all the parents don't mind listening to them over and over and over and.... You get the point.

In our Messianic congregation we've been learning the Old Testament Books of the Bible, using the same song you can hear on the playlist. I'm happy to report that the kids love it, and can't wait for more! My own dinosaurs have been singing the OT Books of the Bible everywhere. Around the house, in the car, while playing, etc. It's absolutely adorable to listen to Alexsaur sing it, as he's not even 4 yet, but he knows the Old Testament Books of the Bible order! It works. Try it out, and consider buying the CDs from the people that actually make them, and support an amazing ministry.

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