Friday, July 3, 2015

Making Aprons

I'm a bit old fashioned, well OK a lot old fashioned in some ways, but to this day I do wear an apron all the time while I working. Not only does it keep my clothes clean, but it has pockets! Most of the skirts I wear just don't have pockets, and I'm sorry I need pockets. Since I wear an apron all the time, Ms Mopsy has been asking for one as well. Of course that meant that the boys had to have one as well. Go figure...

I had seen on Pinterest where someone had made a child's apron using a pot holder and a towel. Although, when I went to look for it, I couldn't find it again! Luckily I remembered what it looked like, so I was able to get the supplies I needed. And, best of all, I was able to get everything at the Dollar Tree.

Child's Apron

For this craft you will need three things. A potholder, ribbon, and a towel or a fabric placemat. I decided to get the fabric placemats, at my local Dollar Tree, as the towels looked flimsy and because I couldn't find the right colors to go with the potholders. You get two potholders, for $1, so it's a really good deal and my dinosaurs got an extra potholder to play with! It's actually really simple to make, so let me show you how I did it.

First thing I did was cut about 4 feet of ribbon off. I folded in the two ends, of the ribbon, and sewed them to keep them from fraying. Then, finding the center of the placemat and the ribbon, I pinned in place and did a fast stitch on.

Then I put the placemat on the top of the apron and ribbon, and sewed in place on the bottom. I had taken photos of this process, but my phone seems to have eaten them... Cut two more lengths of ribbon, both 24 inches long, and fold the loose ends and sew in place to keep from fraying. Attach one end to the back side of the potholder, on the edge, and sew. Repeat for other end. 

You could do one length of ribbon, to make a loop around the neck, but with how fast children grow, I didn't want to do that and risk their heads getting too big to get it off. Here's the end result.

After seeing the rooster potholder, Jackasaurus didn't like it and wanted the chef one instead. It worked out and now the boys have rooster potholders to play with. Mopsy loves to wear her apron whenever we clean. She's starting to really turn into a little mama. Just the other day I caught her with her jewelry box on the floor, earrings spilled all out, and her organizing them. That's my girl!

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