Tuesday, July 21, 2015

April Showers...

I have been so ridiculously behind in my granny square swap. I explained in a previous post why I was so far behind, and while my dear friend E is so kind about it- I felt guilty for breaking my promise to her. I needed to get my past squares done!

I got April's squares done, and truthfully I hate them. I really don't like how they turned out. I've been dealing with some nerve issues in my arm lately, but that shouldn't be affecting my crochet! I don't know what it is, but I just don't like them much, but at least they are done. I can honestly say that May's squares are a lot better though. Without further ado, here's April's squares...

I think the reason I'm not fond of this one is the rain cloud. I like the lightning bolt, but that cloud is driving my OCD nuts!


And another one where it just wouldn't work! That umbrella turned out too pointed on top for my liking.

Maybe I'm too hard on myself. I expect perfection, and in my eyes I did not deliver in this set. I know I can crochet, have been doing it for over 14 years, and can do much better. But, since I'm so far behind on my swap, I have to give myself a little grace and force my perfection down and move on to the next month.

Until Next Time,

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