Friday, July 31, 2015

July's Square Swap

As much as I don't enjoy summer, I do love decorating for summer. The entire house is decorated in the Americana theme. Ever since I was a little girl there's just something about the old red, white, and blue that I love!

I was seriously excited to do July's squares. I knew that I wanted to make them in an Americana theme, for the 4th of July. I decided to add a special square, since my swap sister's birthday is also in July. Here's the finished product and the patterns I used!

The star pattern is separate and can be found HERE

It's a bit tough to see in photos, but the cake is a light yellow with white frosting. I used the idea I saw on YouTube for the cake and just sewed it onto a granny square. 

These were fun to make and now I can finally say that I'm all caught up! Yay! Stay tuned for August's squares, which will be really cute as well!

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

June's Square Swap

Almost totally caught up on these squares! I love how June's squares turned out.

For the next three squares I used this pattern. The pattern is for large potholders, but I made them smaller and made them into squares. I think my favorite is the watermelon one!




I think these turned out really cute and are super fun! May have to make some, as potholders like the pattern is for, for my kitchen!

Until Next Time,

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Brings May Flowers

After the debacle that was April's squares (yes I'm still being hard on myself for those!) I'm pleased to say that May's turned out so cute, and this time I have patterns to share. Oh I had patterns for the April's squares, but they were saved to docx and I didn't have the link on hand to share. I'll look around, but there's no promises that I'll find them.

I do promise that these are square. They measure right, but when you start working in rounds and then go to a square shape, it does tend to curl up. I need to block these, but I promise- they are squares!

This pattern only makes a 4.5 inches, so I had to add rows to make it bigger to fit the 6 inch squares that we're making. I also used a size H-8, or 5.0 mm, hook, instead of the G-6 4.25mm hook that was called for.

Once again, the pattern was only for a 4.5 inch square, but adding an extra row of DC to it, and then a SC for the border made it 6 inches. I also used a size H-8, or 5.0 mm, hook, instead of the G-6 4.25mm hook that was called for.

And the last one that was originally a 4.5 inch square, but I made into a 6 inch square.I also used a size H-8, or 5.0 mm, hook, instead of the G-6 4.25mm hook that was called for.

I'm really pleased with how these squares turned out. I'm whipping these up pretty fast too. Five squares per day. So I should have everything, that was backed up, to my square partner before the August squares are due! Hurray!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

April Showers...

I have been so ridiculously behind in my granny square swap. I explained in a previous post why I was so far behind, and while my dear friend E is so kind about it- I felt guilty for breaking my promise to her. I needed to get my past squares done!

I got April's squares done, and truthfully I hate them. I really don't like how they turned out. I've been dealing with some nerve issues in my arm lately, but that shouldn't be affecting my crochet! I don't know what it is, but I just don't like them much, but at least they are done. I can honestly say that May's squares are a lot better though. Without further ado, here's April's squares...

I think the reason I'm not fond of this one is the rain cloud. I like the lightning bolt, but that cloud is driving my OCD nuts!


And another one where it just wouldn't work! That umbrella turned out too pointed on top for my liking.

Maybe I'm too hard on myself. I expect perfection, and in my eyes I did not deliver in this set. I know I can crochet, have been doing it for over 14 years, and can do much better. But, since I'm so far behind on my swap, I have to give myself a little grace and force my perfection down and move on to the next month.

Until Next Time,

Monday, July 6, 2015

Scripture Songs

One of my goals, for this next school year, was to have my dinosaurs not only learn the Books of the Bible, and their order, but also to learn more scripture. I don't know if you've tried to just memorize something, using repetition, but it really doesn't stick. I know for me that I seem to remember passages better when it's put to song. Even entire chapters are easy to remember when there's music to it.

This past June my 3 dinosaurs went to a local VBS (vacation Bible school) and this church really hit on the scriptures using music, and you know what? My dinosaurs were coming home singing these scriptures over and over again! That was enough for me, so I started looking for ways to incoorperate songs with the memorization of the Books of the Bible and memorizing scriptures. I found way too many links to share on this page, so instead I will just link you to my YouTube account where I've made an entire playlist off of really great songs.

The things is about scripture songs is that most of them, no not all but most, are just annoying. What good does it do, listening to these songs and trying to hide the Word of G-d in your heart if you just want to rip your ears off after awhile? These songs are fun, get the kids dancing, and best of all the parents don't mind listening to them over and over and over and.... You get the point.

In our Messianic congregation we've been learning the Old Testament Books of the Bible, using the same song you can hear on the playlist. I'm happy to report that the kids love it, and can't wait for more! My own dinosaurs have been singing the OT Books of the Bible everywhere. Around the house, in the car, while playing, etc. It's absolutely adorable to listen to Alexsaur sing it, as he's not even 4 yet, but he knows the Old Testament Books of the Bible order! It works. Try it out, and consider buying the CDs from the people that actually make them, and support an amazing ministry.

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Friday, July 3, 2015

Making Aprons

I'm a bit old fashioned, well OK a lot old fashioned in some ways, but to this day I do wear an apron all the time while I working. Not only does it keep my clothes clean, but it has pockets! Most of the skirts I wear just don't have pockets, and I'm sorry I need pockets. Since I wear an apron all the time, Ms Mopsy has been asking for one as well. Of course that meant that the boys had to have one as well. Go figure...

I had seen on Pinterest where someone had made a child's apron using a pot holder and a towel. Although, when I went to look for it, I couldn't find it again! Luckily I remembered what it looked like, so I was able to get the supplies I needed. And, best of all, I was able to get everything at the Dollar Tree.

Child's Apron

For this craft you will need three things. A potholder, ribbon, and a towel or a fabric placemat. I decided to get the fabric placemats, at my local Dollar Tree, as the towels looked flimsy and because I couldn't find the right colors to go with the potholders. You get two potholders, for $1, so it's a really good deal and my dinosaurs got an extra potholder to play with! It's actually really simple to make, so let me show you how I did it.

First thing I did was cut about 4 feet of ribbon off. I folded in the two ends, of the ribbon, and sewed them to keep them from fraying. Then, finding the center of the placemat and the ribbon, I pinned in place and did a fast stitch on.

Then I put the placemat on the top of the apron and ribbon, and sewed in place on the bottom. I had taken photos of this process, but my phone seems to have eaten them... Cut two more lengths of ribbon, both 24 inches long, and fold the loose ends and sew in place to keep from fraying. Attach one end to the back side of the potholder, on the edge, and sew. Repeat for other end. 

You could do one length of ribbon, to make a loop around the neck, but with how fast children grow, I didn't want to do that and risk their heads getting too big to get it off. Here's the end result.

After seeing the rooster potholder, Jackasaurus didn't like it and wanted the chef one instead. It worked out and now the boys have rooster potholders to play with. Mopsy loves to wear her apron whenever we clean. She's starting to really turn into a little mama. Just the other day I caught her with her jewelry box on the floor, earrings spilled all out, and her organizing them. That's my girl!

Until Next Time,

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