Thursday, June 11, 2015

Duct Tape Wallets

This summer we've purposed to do more activities together as a family, spending quality time together as a family. We've had a rough start to the year and its been really rough on the children. Alexsaur especially has had a rough time with mom being gone to court dates. Poor child became a sobbing mess because mom was leaving him again. He knew what we were doing, but it didn't mean much to a three year old who is used to mommy being home all day.

Since the beginning of June we've already done a VBS, several crafts, and have done a family outing. We have much more planned, but I wanted to highlight something that we made this week that turned out really cool.

We made duct tape wallets. Well I say we, but I really mean me. This project, which promised to be kid friendly and something perfect for boy scouts to do, was anything but. I guess I should have known that it would be hard for a 7, 5, and 3 year old to do, but I had hoped that at least my 7 year old could do it! After all I got the idea from our local library, and they were making the same thing for his age group. I have no idea how they managed that...

For starters, I used these instructions. They were easy enough to follow. 

I decided to use velcro on the wallets, so they stayed shut. I followed the instructions carefully, and had Jackasaurus help a bit with his. We ended up losing a lot of duct tape that way. It ended up being too sticky for him to actually be able to follow the instructions. And to be fair, I had a hard time keeping the duct tape straight. It seemed to have a mind of its own and want to stick to itself several times. 

Jackasaurus' wallet. He loves having his own wallet to put cards in!

In the long run they did turn out cute. I made a total of three pockets on the inside of the wallet, following the instructions to make them. The kids love having a place to put daddy's business card, and we're making them their own homeschool IDs to put in their wallets. They want to have their library cards to put in, but they've already lost the business cards they were given, so I'm not so sure I'll be doing that. It was fun, if not frustrating. The wallets are cute, and have already endured a lot of abuse. I'm hoping that it lasts them for awhile. And maybe it will last them long enough that by the time they need a new one, they can actually make it themselves!

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