Friday, February 6, 2015

Valentine's Crochet Projects

Love is in the air, and one thing I love to do is decorate the house for the different seasons and holidays. I don't know why, but especially in the winter it makes the house seem so much more cheery! I put up the normal Valentine decor, but decided it just wasn't enough this year. I had been working on March's granny square swap and decided to take a break and make some new things for the house. My children love the items, and they really did turn out fantastic!

I followed the free pattern above, but decided that instead of just making the hearts the same size, I would make small hearts as well. To do that I simply skipped step two and went onto step three. Pairing it with our Valentine Mailboxes and a heart shaped bowl with oranges in it really made the counter look festive!

This was one tough heart to make. Not because it was a difficult pattern, crochet wise, but the pattern was hard to make sense of. The author of the above pattern even said that certain parts didn't make sense! I think it still turned out well, even if I did have to restart it three times. I used fabric glue to glue the base of the heart down to foam board, and my wonderful hubby carefully cut the whole thing out. It now proudly hangs on the inside of our front door!

Speaking of hard patterns, this one gave me fits. I followed the above pattern perfectly, and counted every stitch, but I don't think the author's math was quite right. I really don't think that she had her stitches counted right, or accounted for her previous increases. Ended up redoing this one two times, and finally just used her pattern as a guide and made it up myself. It hangs on the outside of our front door, but is protected by a glass door.

Even though these were tough to make, it was fun to do them! I'll be working on an adorable Spring wreath soon, and can't wait to show you the end result!

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