Wednesday, February 18, 2015

February's Granny Square Swap

I apologize for this post not getting out sooner. I had it scheduled for the 9th of February, but it never posted! These squares tested my knowledge of crochet, and were so fun to make! I love how they turned out and hope you do too!

Each square is 6" by 6". Some of the patterns I post are either larger or smaller than what I wanted my end result to be, so adjust your number of rows accordingly.

These first three squares are all the same pattern, and easy to do once you get the hang of it. The pattern is free! The original pattern only made a 4" square, so I made more rounds and did the border in hdc with the same color of the center heart.

These last two squares were the toughest yet. The pattern was slightly confusing, so I ended up watching the YouTube tutorial on how to make them. Unless you've made something like this before, I would highly suggest watching the YouTube video on how she makes them! It makes the pattern make so much more sense! The pattern is free as well!

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