Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Doll Clothing for Barbie Sized Dolls

Mopsy received a Barbie like doll for Christmas, and this doll immediately started having tea parties with her Elsa, Anna, Rose, and Dorothy dolls. Mopsy was in love, and heartbroken when the new doll's dress started shredding. And I mean, shredding. The fabric was that thin fabric that can't be sewn back together without leaving giant sized holes from the needle, and would probably have ripped again in a matter of days.

Never fear, I have crochet hooks and know how to use them!

I started looking online for free patterns, for doll clothes, and found this.

Click on the picture to be sent to the pattern

It was ridiculously easy to make, and of course I had to add my own touches. Mopsy asked me where were the sleeves on the dress, so I had to add those, and she wanted pink in the dress as well. So I added a pink sash and a pink border.

For the sleeves, I put the dress on the doll and chained enough so that it fit from the back, where I had attached the yarn, and enough to fit snugly to the front. Then I did two SC in each CH and finished it off. 

Then, I was commissioned (payment paid in kisses and hugs) for a new dress for her Dorothy doll. This one was based, loosely, on the above pattern, but I really made this up as I went along for the top.

I wanted the dress to be the normal Dorothy dress, but more 'princessy' as Mopsy was sad that this doll was the only doll she had that didn't have a princess dress! I started the dress as the pattern says, but once I got the end of the top I added white and made a tank top looking piece. Then I added sleeves and SL the blue on the front to make it look like a frock. She wanted pink in this dress as well, so I made another sash and the trim is in light pink, as well as cutting some pink yarn and tying it in the doll's hair.

I have been asked to make Mopsy's Elsa and Anna dolls new dresses as well. She's rather rough on them, and they are starting to fall apart. I'll attempt to write down what I did for those, so I can share!

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