Thursday, January 1, 2015

Sewing with Miss Mopsy

For Christmas Mopsy received what she had been begging for- a new sewing machine. She also got, from her Uncle D, a sewing basket filled with all sorts of things she will need to use for sewing! To say that she is excited is probably the biggest understatement of the century. I don't think there is a word, yet, that explains how happy she is!

Being that she is only 5 years old, I wanted to get her used to the machine first. We went over the basics of the machine, and how to use it. Obviously I didn't get into details, as she is only 5 and most of the technical stuff will come later.

Mopsy sat in my lap, with the pedal on a stool so she could reach it, and I let her practice controlling the speed, lightly holding the fabric in place, and just getting used to the machine.

She did really good controlling the fabric and the peddle. She took her time and really was focusing on the project! The only issue we had was with the actual machine itself. Seems like the thread tension is severely off. We had the tension setter down to 0 and it was still making the stitches look really weird- like the tension was way too tight. We'll see if we can fix it ourselves, otherwise we'll be exchanging it for another one!

Unfortunately, due to the machine acting up, we were only able to practice a few stitch lines, but she did amazing! I would say it's pretty good for a 5 year old's first time ever using a sewing machine! Now that I know she has the ability to control the peddle and fabric, we'll be making some things next. She's jumping up and down with joy, right now, just at the thought!

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  1. I love you are teaching your daughter how to sew, especially when she is extremely excited about learning. Once you get the kinks worked out of the machine, I hope you show us her first completed project. My daughter started her own line of Doll Bedding at 8 yrs old. She prefers making pillows though.

  2. How awesome! I really want to learn to sew in 2015, but I need a new machine, my old one died. I've got the bare bones basics covered but I need to get better.


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