Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Flower Headband

My sister and I are making each other headbands to wear with our tichels. I posted the finished product of one of the headbands, and had some requests to write out the pattern for them! They are super easy, and look gorgeous! Here's the pattern!

* Pattern is the property of Raising3Dinosaurs. You may sell any items you make from this pattern, but do not claim the pattern as yours. Please redirect anyone who wants the pattern back to my blog. Thank you!*

Materials: Yarn of any color
Size G-4.0mm hook
yarn needle
pony beads

(Ch enough to fit snuggly around head. I ended up chaining 89 to fit around a tichel, and added 3 chs for the DC. Every head is different, so ch as many as needed to fit snuggly around the head without squeezing. )

Chain desired amount of chains and add 3 more. Do not join.
Row 1: DC in 4th CH from hook and every ch to end. CH 3. Turn
Row 2: DC in 1st st ch 1. Skip next st. *DC in next st, ch 1, skip next st * Repeat * until the end. CH 3 and turn.
Row 3: DC in every DC and SP until end. Fasten off and sew ends together.


Now comes the part for pictures. The Flowers are easy, but hard to explain. I'll take you step by step.

1: Place pony bead onto yarn, and make a Magic Ring. If you don't know how to do a magic ring, please click the link.

2: Wrap the magic ring around fingers, with the bead secure by your fingers. CH 2. Work 4 SC into ring. SL to CH 2. Pull the ring tight to close and fix bead in place.

3: Petal 1 * CH 4, 2 TRC, CH 4, SL* in same stitch

4: For petals 2-5 repeat the same pattern for Petal 1, but SL into the next st to start new petals. Do this for all the rest of the petals. On 5th petal, after finishing the section, SL and fasten off leaving a long tail to secure onto headband.

TIP: To make sure that the bead won't come loose, turn flower around and tie a knot into the back of the flower, using the string you had from the magic ring. Make sure it's a nice a tight magic ring before knotting.

That's it! Have fun making this and making the pretty flowers!

Until Next Time,

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