Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Top 10 Posts of 2014

What a year it has been! It always seems that the year starts out really slowly and speeds up as it reaches its final peak. It's been a busy but great year, and 2015 is shaping up to being an amazing year as well. I've been challenged by some other women bloggers that I'm friends with to post the top ten posts of 2014. So without further ado, here they are!

This was such a fun post to write, as I had been waiting - for what seemed like forever- to be able to show you all what I had made! As much fun as it was to make it and show it to you all, it was even better to watch their faces just light up when they saw it the next morning!

 I wish the weather would have stayed nicer, longer, so we could have done more of these this year. The kids love it and are already planning on more Training sessions! Judging by the hundreds of views, for this post, you guys can't wait to see more of what they learn either!

#8 Main Bathroom Redecorating

This post was really no surprise, that it was in the top ten. I've seen it repinned hundreds of times on Pinterest, and I'm really happy with how it turned out. I have more rooms I'll be working on in 2015, so more ideas and inspiration coming up!

#7 Why I Cover My Hair

This one floored me, to be honest. Hundreds of views for this topic alone! I was just speaking from the heart, but they amount of private messages I've received on Facebook telling me that they think it's admirable really makes me smile!

#6 Family

And yet another one that really floored me. I was just speaking from the heart, sharing what was happening, but with the hundreds of views, and more personal messages on Facebook congratulating me really shocked me!

#5 School Is Back In Session

I'm really glad that people are really interested in what my kids are learning, and that the links I post are helping people! I have more that I'll be sharing in 2015, including links to testing sites and more. And, rest assured, the dinosaurs have only gotten smarter this year, much to the lamentation of my oldest. I was making him do his math (I know, I'm a monster) and he says, "You just want me to be the smartest boy in the whole world!" Oye ve...

#4 August's Room Makeover

I've seen this one repinned many times, and I'm so glad that it has inspired so many of you. I really love how Mopsy's room turned out and can't wait to do more makeovers!

#3 Carpenter Pants for an American Girl Sized Doll

Only a few days old and with thousands of views, this is number three in the countdown. I have a few more pattern ideas up my sleeve, so be watching for those!

#2 Odd Squad Badges

It's really not shocking that this is number 2, especially when the stars of Odd Squad made my Dinosaurs a personal video thanking them for watching the show! I can't tell you how good this made my Dinosaurs feel!

#1 Free Coat Pattern and Hat Pattern

Of all the posts, this was the one I thought would not be on the top! I mean it's only a few days old, but posting it to Facebook and having other crocheters want it really made it explode.

I'm really looking forward to what 2015 holds. I have many more project ideas, including a Mommy and Me segment. Mopsy got a sewing machine for Christmas from my family, and I have tons of age appropriate ideas for her to learn to use it! Thank you for joining me this year as I've grown in my faith, and made some really cool stuff. 2015 will be another awesome year. Until then, please go check out some of my favorite blogs and their Top 10 for 2014 lists!

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