Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Make Your Own Sinar Tichel

Happy Hanukkah! If you celebrate, I hope you had a wonderful first day! I wanted to give a gift, and show you how to make a sinar tichel.

A sinar "apron" tichel is a head covering that is very popular in Israel. I first saw them, and fell in love with them, but just couldn't figure out how to exactly make them. I found blog posts, that gave dimensions, but they didn't work out right. Could have been user error, but looking back, I followed the instructions perfectly and they just didn't turn out right.

For awhile I gave up on the idea of making my own, and bought one from Leelach. Please, go visit their site and just drool over the gorgeous sinar tichels! If I were a rich woman...

I love how simple it is to wrap, but it looks so complicated!

Anyway, I got the sinar tichel yesterday and started looking at it. I measured it out, and found that the actual measurements they used, and the ones that I found on another blog were completely different! No wonder I couldn't make it work out! So, I'm going to tell you how I made my own, and give you step by step directions!

You Will Need:
A main fabric, for the back part of the sinar, that is 19" long by 17" wide. This will give you 1/2" hem allowance. If your hair is super thick and/or long, you might need to make it longer or wider.

Contrast band color, for the top of the sinar. It will need to be 5" wide by 18" long

Two colors (or one if you prefer) for the ties. Each tie will need to be 5" wide by 40" long.

Step 1: Cut the fabric, for the main body, to the dimensions given. No need for it to be 100% perfect, but get it as close as you can!

Step 2: Next cut the contrast band fabric, to the dimensions given above. This will need to be exactly the dimensions given. Once cut, fold in half, widthwise, and steam press. No need to pin, yet, or do anything else with it for the meantime.

Step 3: Cut the ties to the dimensions given. You can make them longer, if you like, but it does need to be 5" wide. Fold the ties in half, widthwise, with right side of the fabric facing inside. Pin, leaving one end open to flip right side.

Sew one side and along the length, but leave one end open. Trim any excess fabric, flip right side out and then press. Repeat for other tie.

Step 4: Hem 1/2'' the main body fabric piece. I didn't take a photo of that, but I think you can figure that out. I only hemmed 3 sides, and left the top of the fabric (that will attach to the contrast band fabric top) raw.

Step 5: Pin the ties to the inside of the contrast band fabric piece.

I'm sorry for the blurry photo, but hopefully you can get the picture on what to do.

Turn the end of the coordinating fabric down slightly and press. Sew on the ties, making sure to use a stitch that will hold up to being tugged on a lot. After the ties are sewn on fold the coordinating fabric back in half, widthwise, and sew closed along the width.

Step 6: Pin the main body fabric and the coordinating fabric together, right sides together. If you wish to add some lace, or another embellishment, this is when you want to pin it in.

When you flip it over, so the right sides show, you can see the lace and how it will look.

Step 7: Sew very close to the edge of the fabric. Once finished, press.
Wrong side of the sinar, pressed

See the hem? It's super close. Once you press it, you need to sew another hem over the top to keep the tichel from bunching up, and keeping it in line.

Step 8: Put it on! You're all done and you have an easy to wear, and really gorgeous sinar tichel! Some ladies might want to tuck the ends into the body of the sinar, but I prefer to just tie it in a bow.

Until Next Time,


  1. Hi, do the ties have to be exactly 5 inches wide or can I make them a bit more narrow? Thank you for doing this post and saving me money!!!! Amber

    1. You could probably make them more narrow, if you like, but that was the measurements from the sinar tichel I bought. I'm not sure how it would look if the contrast band is 5" wide and the ties are narrow, but try it!

  2. Thank you so much for this. I have recently found out and decided to wear head coverings to wear as a symbol for God (the concept is glossed over in my country) and I had no clue how to make them. (Can't really afford to splurge). This has helped me so much. Really!

    1. I'm glad it helped! I make a lot of my own tichels, just buying fabric off of the clearance department at my fabric store. I haven't bought too many, but making them is a snap! Good luck! I'd love to see pictures of your creation, when you're done!

  3. Hello, Shalom! I wanted to thank you for your post. I began recently to be led by the Holy Spirit of YHWH to cover my head so I started wearing a scarf that I had, but than wanting to do more I did a search for how Jewish women cover their head that poped up all these beautiful sinar tichels. I felt I had missing the boat all my life, alas I am not Jewish so how was I to know. But I longed for them, i saved all the pictures i liked and stared at them till I fell asleep. The next day I googled how to make one myself, because as you know, they are pricey, as you said if I were a rich woman...lol. But yoursite came up and proved to be the most helpful to me, because I had never sown before. I figured out how to Iuse to sowing machine I've had for six years! I used some materials from clothes that I didn't wear but hoped to repurpose the fabric, I even broke a needle! But was able to replace it. Suffice it to say, I did not complete the task in one night, more like one week but I absolutely LOVE IT! I fell my King is pleased as well. I feel I am constantly being held, and I am warm all over. So thank you so much :-D teary...not sure how to post a pic but i want to show you how it turned out. Now I want to make a million more :))

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment on this. I'm so glad you were able to make this, and that the instructions were easy to understand. May YHWH bless you and may His Shalom cover you as you follow Him. There are many Messianic head covering Facebook groups (I'm a member of Covering of Love) that have amazing women there who share their own wraps, ideas, scriptures, and we all support and lift each other up in YHWH. Blessings to you sister!

    2. Shalom sister! I'm rejoicing to find this page! I, too, along with my beautiful sisters trying to please YHVH wish to cover my head but the really beautiful head coverings are so very costly.

      Your instructions today were an answer to my prayerful longing and I am ever so grateful. May you be blessed for your efforts to serve and may YHVH be glorified and praised with our efforts to be beacons of Light and Truth to the world. TODA RABA! Baruch atah Adonai gadol atah umehulal meod!

  4. Did you use a volumizer under it? I made mine, I am so excited but I can't get it to fit right O.o I'm new to covering, so please help. Thank you!!!

  5. This was before I found out about the wonders of a volumizer! No, the only thing I used was a velvet headband, to keep it place, and put my hair in a bun. It does look a lot better with a volumizer under it though.


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