Sunday, December 28, 2014

Free Pattern: Sleeping Bags for American Girl Dolls

The last thing I made was sleeping bags for the dolls. What camping trip would be complete without sleeping bags?

I didn't have a pattern, so I decided to freehand it. First thing I did was take one of the dolls, a yard of fabric, and my yard stick and mark out where things should go. The pattern is 'L' shaped in design, to make a pillow and the sleeping bag. Your dimensions will be:
For the pillow section into the sleeping bag part- 37" long on the long side and 18" long on the short side by 10" wide. Since this is one piece of fabric, you'll need to cut it a bit odd. Hopefully the pictures help you see how to cut it. For the part that folds over it needs to be:
15" long or 24" total in length with the pillow/body part added in and 19" wide. Boy, I hope that makes sense, because it makes sense in my mind!

Longest part is 37" long.

From top of pillow portion to the top of the blanket, or top of the sleeping bag, it 18" long.

Blanket, or cover of the sleeping bag, is 19" long

First sew the sides of the pillow, by flipping the fabric so the right sides are facing. Only sew the two sides, leaving the bottom open.

Hem the fabric that will be the top of the sleeping bag, so there's no raw ends.. Flip the pillow right side out. Next take the sleeping bag portion and turn the fabric so the right sides are facing each other. Sew a line down the side to close the sleeping bag.

Flip the fabric right side out. Stuff pillow with polyfil and sew closed. I used the machine, and yes you can see the seam, but I really didn't care!

This fits the doll so it's a bit long, but the body is snugger. I wanted to make it so their clothing, food, etc could fit in the sleeping bags. You can add ties, so you can tie it closed if you want.

To avoid the, "That's my sleeping bag!" argument, I used Puff Paint and hand painted on the dolls' names and a cute little symbol on the bottom of the bags. This project took me about 15 min, for each sleeping bag, and only took that long because I was trying to keep little eyes out of my craft room! Probably would have taken a lot less time if I had been able to just work!

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