Sunday, December 28, 2014

Free Coat Pattern and Hat Pattern for an American Girl Doll

I am so sorry that this didn't get posted on Friday, as I had planned. I came down with some odd 48 hour flu bug and spent all Friday and Saturday sleeping. Not the most productive day, but my body sure needed the sleep! Here's the pattern that I used for the coat. The hat, which is in the pattern, does not fit the dolls, but I'll share what I did to correct the errors I found and make it fit.

American Girl Coat

This pattern, for the coat, was incredibly easy to make. I followed it and found that it not only worked up fast, but was super easy. Some close ups on what I did to make the coats more special.

For Alexsaur's doll, Dolphin, I decided not to do the button holes. He's not quite ready for buttons on small things, and I could see him popping buttons off trying to take the clothes off. So I did snaps. I did button holes on the other two coats though. I also added the trim, which was not written in the pattern. I took a coordinating color (in Dolphin's case bright blue) and trimmed the entire coat, sleeves, and collar in the blue. I also wanted a small pocket for the coat. I just chained 9, and hdc in the 2nd ch from hook through to the end. I repeated two more times, for a total of 3 rows of hdc and left a long tail to sew onto the coat. 

For Josie, Mopsy's doll, I made the coat out of bright pink and did a yellow border and yellow buttons. For Jude, Jackasaurus' doll, it was a camo coat with bright orange border and orange buttons. 

For the hat, I tried doing the pattern that they gave, in the pattern above, but it was way too small! So instead of doing 6 sc in the ring, I did 8 and continued the increases as stated, but making sure to make it so it was for 8 sc instead of 6. The 8 sc made it so that the hat actually fit the dolls' heads better. Six sc just wouldn't squeeze on their heads at all. 

I absolutely love how the hats turned out. For the dinosaur plates I did 4 sc in a magic ring and joined. Then I did 2 sc in each sc for the next row and fastened off, leaving a long end to sew on. I squished the plates together, so they were thick plates, and sewed it on.

For the bunny ears I chained 8 then HDC 2 times in the 2nd loop from the hook. HDC to the last ch and turn the ears sideways. HDC along the back of the chain, making 2 HDC in the last loop. You can continue to do this, to make bigger ears, but I only did it one time. For the inner pink section, I only chained 4 and SC two times in the 2nd loop from the hook, repeating the process for the ears. Leave long tails so you can sew it to the top of the hat.

These were super fun to make and worked up really fast!

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