Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Home Made Christmas

This year we wanted to do something different for Christmas. Normally we will spend quite a bit on gifts, and then have to donate of a bunch of toys that they haven't played with for awhile to make room for the new things. This year I wanted to do something different. My children have been blessed by people just giving them toys- all year round. They really didn't need anything for Christmas, and my husband and I just wanted to do something that meant a little more. Don't get me wrong, we still donated a bunch of toys that they haven't played with in over a year, but they still have bedrooms stuffed full of toys and a whole playroom filled to the brim. I wanted to do something that not only came from the heart, but something that they really wanted.

I've blogged before about my dinosaurs' obsession with Survivor Man and Les Stroud. We haven't been able to do much Survivor Kids Training lately, as the weather turned bad fast this year and made going outside on the weekends, with daddy, really hard. They still love to play Survivor Man, and I thought what would be better than to make their 18" dolls into Survivor Kids. Get ready because I made a ton of stuff and even wrote my own crochet patterns which I will be sharing in the days to come.

Presenting the Survivor Kids' Camping Trip!

There's nothing like roasting marshmallows over the fire, while sitting under the Christmas Tree!

Every one needs their rest in their new sleeping bags that I made. Each one has the dolls' name on it.

Every one needs a snack, even the dogs! Every puppy has their own bone, made from polymer clay.

The marshmallow, sticks, and food in lunch box were all made from polymer clay.

Quite the assorted lunch for our hungry campers. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a whole apple, a slice of watermelon, some cheeze its (gluten free of course), a celery stick, a whole carrot, juice box, and a cookie!

Their lunch boxes are old Altoids tins covered with some really cool Duct Tape!

Every doll has their own set of carpenter pants, which I will share the pattern I wrote for them tomorrow, their own jacket, and their own hat. All which I crocheted. Patterns are coming!

Of course, because my children are my dinosaurs, I had to make at least the boy dolls' hats dinosaurs hats!

There's nothing better then sharing good times with friends!

The best part about these gifts is that it literally cost me NOTHING to make them! I had every material on hand!


Now, onto at least how I made some of the items. I'll share how I made the food and lunch boxes. Tomorrow I'll share the pants pattern (which I had to write myself), the next day the hat pattern (another one I wrote myself) and add where I found the coat pattern, and on Sunday I'll share how I made the sleeping bags. I can't write a post on Shabbat, as that would be breaking the Sabbath.

We had a rare day free from all children on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Our wonderful babysitter wanted to take all the kids for the entire day and make things with them. It gave me and my husband the perfect time to make their lunch boxes and work on making the food items. It's kind of hard to make things when you have your kids around the house all day!

First thing we did was get the toothpicks, the knives, and clay ready and just start forming the shapes. For the marshmallows I took a toothpick, covered it in dark brown clay, and put tan colored clay in the middle forming it to look like a marshmallow. I think the marshmallows needed the toothpicks to keep them stable.

Sandwiches were formed with two pieces of tan, that were formed into square shapes. I put a piece of purple clay in the center, the same size as the bread, and placed them together pinching them so they would bake together. For the older kids I cut their sandwiches in half. For Alexsaur's doll I left his sandwich whole.

Apples were my husband's project, and he's the master of perfection when it comes to art. Those apples look amazing! He rolled the red into a ball, and pinched and moved the clay to look like an apple even placing a small green stem on top! He also made the dog bones, the celery, the watermelon pieces, and the juice boxes.

Some tips when working with the clay. It does stick everywhere, so work with the clay on a piece of aluminum foil. Not only will it save clean up time, but you can lift the piece of foil and carefully remove the item, rather then trying to scrape it up, and potentially ruining all your hard work. Also, line the pan with foil, and place paper on top to keep the pieces from sticking. I had to bake the pieces for about 20 minutes longer then the directions said to, as most of ours were pretty thick. Just watch them, so they don't burn. I baked ours in a 325* F oven for about 20 minutes total.

The lunch boxes were just Altoids tins that got covered with Duct tape. You can google how to do it. Super simple and really cute!

I can't wait to see their eyes light up tomorrow morning! I know that they are just going to freak out. 

Until Next Time,

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  1. Amazing! <3 What a great gift! I wish I was there to see their faces in the morning! Great job Mom!


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