Sunday, November 9, 2014

My Gift

As some of you may know, I'm a pianist. The piano I have now was a gift from G-d; I wrote about it here. It has been in my possession since about 2000, and is even older than that, since the church I got it from got it in the early '90s, at least. I have written many songs, to Adonai, on this keyboard and love it dearly.

A few weeks ago the beloved keyboard started to die. Some of the keys, on the keyboard, won't play at all. My dear husband took the massive thing apart, and even though he knows computers (and the entire inside is nothing but a giant computer) there was nothing he could do. It's so old that they don't make processors for it, or anything. I guess that's the bad thing about technology developing at such a rapid rate is that when the older stuff starts to die there's nothing that you can do. You can't just replace the motherboard, or the fuses, in the thing as they are so obsolete that they just don't make them anymore!

I was on the verge of tears, when my keyboard started dying. You really don't know how much it means, to me, to be able to play and worship my G-d on it- but I serve an awesome G-d who supplies my every need!

I posted a post, on Facebook, about the keyboard, and just asking people to pray for either a miracle or that G-d would provide the money for us to buy another one. Less than five hours, after posting it, a wonderful friend called and said that she had been told to give me a gift. You see, a week before Adonai had placed on this woman's heart that she was going to give me a gift. When she saw the post, she knew exactly what that gift was- an upright piano. A real piano!

As much of a miracle as it is, there's more. While I was talking to this woman about the piano, my husband was talking with his brother who was offering to buy me a brand new keyboard! While I didn't take my brother in law's offer, I was still amazed at how G-d was moving in people's hearts to give to me, so that I could continue to write songs to Him.

Let me just pause, and stand in awe again at how G-d works. He knew that my keyboard was going to die soon, He knew how much it meant to me to worship Him on it and write new songs to Him on it, and He knew that I would need a miracle. I mean pianos are expensive! So a week before it even started to die, He laid it on this woman's heart that she was to give me a piano! If that doesn't blow your mind, then I don't even know what to say to you! Baruch haShem!

Fastfoward to last night and today. Last night my husband went over to her house, and with her family they loaded up my (new to me) piano and brought it over. We had the family over for dinner, and enjoyed each other's company. I really didn't even have a chance to look at the piano until this morning, and I got my second blessing! I really needed to deep clean this gift before I could use it!

No, I'm not being sarcastic at all- I really love to deep clean things. The problem is that I deep clean stuff, in our house, all the time, that I really don't have anything left to deep clean! It's my stress reliever and something that I absolutely love to do. I know, I'm probably crazy, but I'll take it.

I forgot to take the actual before pictures; I was just too excited to have something that needed my talent of cleaning to apply to it! (I told you, I'm insane)

The first thing I did was wipe it down with an all purpose cleaner. There were a lot of stains that easily came up with just the simple cleaner. 

The keys were stained and dusty. I tried to just dry dust, but the stains weren't coming up. So I made a very mild soap/water mix. Maybe a drop of soap to a bowl full of water and used a toothbrush to scrub the keys, drying them off immediately after I was done.

The keys on the right are all scrubbed up, while the keys on the left still needed to be cleaned. I was amazed that just that light soap mix got every stain and bit of dust off!

After that was all done, I took the toothbrush and soap mix and really scrubbed every knook and cranny of the piano, getting all the dust out of the area. Then I took some Old English wood polish and polished it until it glowed. Mopsy just had to help with that, and we really made it shine- so much so that you can see your reflection in the top of the piano now!

I am beyond blessed to have received this gift. It does need to be tuned, but that will cost a lot less than a new piano would! Thank you E for listening to His voice and being willing to give this to me. Thank you brother in law for being willing to buy me a new keyboard. Even though I didn't need it, thank you for being willing to bless me in that way. Both of you are such blessings in my life. You'll never know how much I appreciate it!

Until Next Time,

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