Sunday, November 9, 2014

How to Make your own Velvet Headband

What? Two posts in one day?! It must be Christmas! Or...more likely that I just have a lot of projects I'm doing and want to share them with you!

Since wearing the tichel it became painfully obvious that I needed a way to help keep some of the more slippery scarves on my head. Satin and silk scarves are very hard to wear, as they like to slip off your head all day! Really counter-productive when my goal is to use my time wisely and spend less time on my hair, when I have to keep going into the bathroom to readjust my tichel.

I started researching and most women agree that the only way to keep these on with with a velvet headband. Now, in my research, these headbands can range from $8 to $20 per headband! That's just too much money for me to spend on one item, and especially when I can make it myself!

JoAnn's Fabrics has velvet for about $16 per yard. I bought 1/4 of a yard of fabric, and spent about $4 and some change. And here's how I made them.

First thing I did (and no, this was not the 1/4 of a yard. I had already made a velvet headband out of this fabric, just to make sure it worked) was measure out how wide I wanted the headbands to be. If you tend to like yours a bit wider, than you might want a bit more fabric. As it is, with the 1/4 of a yard I was able to make 3 headbands and 2 velvet scrunchies with the fabric. Each headband is about 2 1/2 inches wide and over a yard long.

Next I flipped the velvet around, so that it was facing itself and pinned it together. Trust me on this, you will want to pin every section you can. The velvet slips, while in the machine, and unless it's tightly pinned you will have a disaster on your hands!

Using a zigzag stitch, stitch it up, leaving one end open so you can turn it right side out. Then flip the headband, using a spoon or whatever you need to use to get it to turn right side out. Now place the headband on your head and measure how long you need it. The only reason I didn't do this first is that in the sewing process you might have a headband that isn't long enough when it's all said and done. I simply placed the headband on my head and pinched where it needed to be cut, leaving about 1'' of fabric free to the velcro. Stitch the ends closed and you're ready for velcro. I have a ton of velcro in my sewing drawer, so that's why it's white. I really didn't want to buy new materials when I had perfectly good velcro sitting in my sewing room! Plus, no one is going to see the headband anyway. If you're making it so you can see it, you might want to get some velcro that matches the actual velvet.

Sew one end on one side and the other piece of velcro on the other opposite side, that way it holds closed with you put it around your head.

I even had enough fabric to make Mopsy a velvet headband and 2 velvet scrunchies! Here's how I made the scrunchies.

I took the leftover velvet and cut them to about 15" each. I had 2 pieces that were 15" each and pinned them together. I sewed the two sides together, using a zigzag stitch, but left both ends open.

Next I measured some elastic I had on hand. I only had the wider elastic, but I find that it works really well to hold my hair. I measured that at 8 inches.

Turning the scrunchie right side out I slipped the elastic into the fabric and stitched the ends closed. I then stitched the ends of the velvet together, so the whole thing is encased and ready to be used. I have to say that the velvet scrunchie really holds my hair well, and doesn't pull or damage my hair.

Alright, time for totals. I spent $4 and some change on velvet from Jo-Ann's Fabric. I made 3 headbands and 2 velvet scrunchies. Now, I realize that the velvet scrunchie isn't as large as the one sold at Wrapunzel but they are charging $5 for one scrunchie and $10 for one velvet headband. I made 3 headbands and 2 scrunchies for less than the cost of 1 scrunchie! I'd say that it was well worth it and seriously it took me less than 15 minutes to make one headband. It's not hard at all, and they really hold your hair in place well.

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