Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How to Make Easy Dance Ribbons

Last Shabbat, Jackasaurus asked me if we could make something for him to use, when he dances for the worship service portion. I'll admit it, my heart melted! He really loves to dance with the other children, and for the past few weeks they've been sharing a silk scarf. Yeah, they've had fun, but sharing means that they have to wait for awhile so the other ten plus children can have a turn with one scarf. I started thinking, and looking in my craft room and I had it. Dance Ribbons!

This is seriously the most easy craft idea period, and can be done for any child. A little girl that wants to be a fairy, or a boy who wants to pretend that he's throwing fire at a dragon, or a child that just wants to dance!


1 yard of ribbon, any color, just make sure that it's not wired.
Cabone Rings (click on the red name to see what in the world I'm talking about) Make sure that the size you get is large enough to fit on your finger, that way you know it will easily slip onto a child's finger and be easy to take off.


Cut ribbon to 1 yard length size, using pinking shears to avoid ribbon unraveling. You could hem the ends, so they don't unravel, but I made eleven of these and just didn't feel like hemming eleven ribbons! Take the Cabone ring and hand sew on to one side of the ribbon. Seriously, that's it. The child's hand acts like the sticks on ribbon sticks, and they aren't just going to slip off their fingers!

I could only fit 6 of the 11 ribbons on one finger, but they were seriously easy to make!

Best part? They work!

Total cost of this project- $0.00 I had all the materials on hand that I needed. Great way to use up materials that weren't really needed for anything else! I can't wait to let the kids use these on Shabbat on watch them dance in joy!

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  1. Awesome! My daughter wanted me to make her a ribbon stick for her worship dance, I like that this is on a ring and not a stick. I'm sorry, but I did hit the red link for Cabone, and I am still confused! :D

  2. Hmmm, I know I found them in our Wal-Mart aisle, with all the sewing stuff. I used them for the loops to hold back my curtains. I'm not sure where they would be in a larger fabric store though.


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