Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Why I Cover My Hair

I've felt a conviction to write this post ever since my mom asked me why I was covering my hair so much. I told her it was because I like it, and while that is entirely true it's not the whole story anymore.

I want to give a bit of backstory as to why I've decided to wear the tichel (yiddish for headscarf) and why it's so important to me. I've been on this journey of Messianic Judism for about two years now. Studying the Torah has become a passion of mine; a zeal that I can't explain, but one that I embrace wholeheartedly. If I only had the words to fully describe what I have learned, and how it has opened my eyes to the wonderful truths recorded in scriptures, but alas I don't.

One day a fellow Messianic Jewish friend of mine showed a picture of this gorgeous tichel that she was wearing, and the radiance that glowed from her face was just amazing. I thought to myself, "I should try that!" So, I did and I fell in love. The thing that I didn't expect was the change that would occur within me by covering my hair.

At the time, when my mother asked why I was wearing so many scarves, I really wasn't wrapping my hair all that much. Sure I was posting the newest creations on my personal Facebook page, for my friends to see, but I wasn't wrapping every day! Especially not while I was at home with just the children. After that night, when she asked, I started really thinking about why I liked wearing them and what was it that made it so attractive to me, and Adonai spoke to me. He shared that I had become too invested in my hair, holding it in too grand of a light. And it was true. I really do love my hair, and would spend way too much time working on it. In fact if my hair wouldn't work the way I wanted it to, then I let my 'bad hair day' effect my entire day! It seems silly, but I know that I can't possibly be the only one that has felt that way!

To be honest, I was letting my hair get in the way. It was a source of vanity and pride for me. And, it was taking up too much of my time. Then I started researching Biblical head coverings. Sadly there's not much pertaining to the subject, but there is one verse.

 5But a woman dishonors her headc if she prays or prophesies without a covering on her head, for this is the same as shaving her head. 6Yes, if she refuses to wear a head covering, she should cut off all her hair! But since it is shameful for a woman to have her hair cut or her head shaved, she should wear a covering. 1 Corinthians 11:5-6

I prayed about it and really felt that not covering my head was dishonoring to Adonai, to my husband, and was putting my pride ahead of all things. That's the last thing that I want! Since my mom asked me, I've started wearing the tichel everyday. The first time my daughter saw what I wearing, she loudly said, "Mommy, you look just like a princess!" and you know what, I feel like one too. I've explained to my husband why it's so important for me to wear the tichel, and he fully embraces it; in fact he loves that I want to show the world that I honor him and hold him in such high esteem that I want to save my hair for just him. I'm not at all saying that every woman should start wearing a tichel, but that is my personal conviction on the matter. 

Now for some pictures. I figured since I've shown so many of my tichels to my Facebook friends that I should share them with my readers as well. One amazing resource I've found, on how to wear the tichels, is from this blog called Wrapunzel. They even have an amazing YouTube channel that shows you how to wrap properly, so they don't slip off. 

This is before I made a velvet headband, to that the scarf would stay secure on my head, and was my first attempt at wrapping. 

Yay for bathroom selfies! Honestly, the bathroom has the best lighting and I can use the mirrors to get a good look at the back section.

Done with a scarf and a sash, then braiding the ends together. Mopsy said I looked like Elsa. I *think* that's a good thing, right?

As I stated, I have found immense freedom in wrapping my hair. I know it sounds weird, especially in our worldly thinking, but it's true. I have felt more at peace, while wrapping my hair, and the knowledge that I'm honoring Adonai and my husband by not being so preoccupied with my hair makes it all worthwhile. I want my life, and everything I do, to be glorifying to the One that I worship, and I want my marriage to be honored. Even though I've only been wrapping a few weeks I can already see and feel the difference in my relationship with Adonai and my husband. 

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