Friday, October 24, 2014

Shadow's Visit Home

I had originally planned on writing this post when Shadow first came, and updating it as the weeks progressed. Yet here I am, on the last full day that Shadow is with us, and I haven't written anything! Man, it's been an insane three weeks.

For those who don't know who Shadow is, or who he is to our family, please read my post about him here. I really won't go into the details, again, as I've already written why we adopted him, and that he was coming for a visit in October. Well October 1, 2014, Shadow flew into KCI airport. His poor dad was a nervous wreck, back in Canada, and we were texting back and forth, so I could keep him updated on the incoming flight news. Finally his feet hit American soil and it was back to home. He was worried that the other kids wouldn't like him, and even though I told him that it wasn't the case, he needed to find out for himself.

When we walked through the door, Mopsy ran up and gave Shadow the biggest hug, and later, when Shadow opened up a big suitcase of his old toys he brought, everyone was buddies from then on!

The picture was not intended to be so blurry, but there was to much action going on for me to get a clear shot!
Three weeks Shadow has been with us, learning about scheduling time, learning how to cook properly, and most importantly- cleaning correctly! I'm not saying that he can't clean, but now he's up to my codes of cleaning!

There of course was lots of activities, including building a new wardrobe, going to the Renaissance Festival, going out on the plaza, my birthday, meeting my family, doing photo shoots with all four of my dinosaurs, and more. For now I want to share some photos of what has happened here.

Computer lesson with hubby

The pure joy on Shadow's face, as he played sword fight with his sister and brothers!

This was such a sweet moment to watch and capture. 

I guess they don't have this in Canada

He bought this ice cream, because he said it was the most Patriotic Ice Cream he could find!

Tastes like freedom...

He looks like a model in this picture!

My dear husband, Shadow, and me.
We have really enjoyed having Shadow here, and he is firmly cemented as a part of this family now. Mopsy said that he's her biggest brother, so that settles matters! I know that we will all miss Shadow when he leaves tomorrow, but this wasn't the only trip he'll make here. He'll be back to see his family, and who knows maybe we'll just make a family trip up to Canada to visit him and Mr. M!

Until Next Time,

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