Friday, October 31, 2014

Making Your Own Sash

Shabbat Shalom! It's a freezing day here, where our prehistoric family lives and the perfect day for some crafting. I have a couple of sashes, and really never had a reason to wear them except for wearing them as a headband. Now that I wear a tichel I have more reason to wear sashes. Sashes are very versatile and can be used for many things: from headbands, to belts, to even a thin scarf around your neck.

I had this lovely broom stick skirt, waiting in my scrap pile. I know it might not make a lot of sense why I'm showing you this, considering I was just talking about sashes, but trust me it will all make sense soon!

While I love the colors and the sequins, it has many small holes all throughout the skirt. Could be that I made it about 15 years ago and has been worn so many times through those years! I really couldn't think of what to do with this skirt until I saw the bottom piece. It doesn't have sequins scattered, but a gorgeous scalloped line of sequins throughout the whole bottom. I wanted that bottom piece for a new sash, but really didn't want to destroy the fabric. The fabric had a lot of holes along the hem line and the stitches where it had started to pull the fabric.The back of the skirt really my decision easy. The skirt isn't one big piece, but four pieces sewed together!

I decided not to take my seam ripper to the thread. As I said, the fabric was starting to tear around the seams, and needed to be cut off anyway. Very carefully I cut each layer apart and then hemmed and sewed a new seam on each side. The total length of the sash was over seven feet long! That's a lot of fabric for one sash! I only kept the bottom part and the gorgeous dark purple color for sashes. The rest of the skirt was repurposed for a dress up skirt for Mopsy.

The end result was just stunning.

I do love how it turned out, and can't wait to try out the purple one. I also have a white broomstick skirt that's in about the same condition as this one. I'll be cutting it apart and remaking it. I'm hoping that I have enough fabric to actually make a headscarf out of it, We'll see!

I'll see showing you soon how to make your own velvet headband and a velvet hair tie as well. Most sites, selling the velvet headbands, sell them for about $20 a piece. You won't believe how much it cost me to make 3 of them!

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