Sunday, September 21, 2014

Turning a Girl Doll into a Boy Doll, Again

For his birthday, Alexsaur asked for a doll that was like his brother and sister's. He wanted to be able to play with them and have adventures with their dolls. I, literally, spent hours online looking at dolls that would be good candidates, and thought I found the perfect one- only to find out that it was out of stock at Target. Finally I found one, from Wal-Mart, that would be perfect.

The price was right, only $28 for the doll, and most of the outfit is pretty unisex (which meant less work for me to do on the outfit). Let's get into what I did.

First things first was to grab my pure acetone nail polish remover and test a swatch on the bottom of the doll's foot. This is an important first step, because if the flesh color comes off on the foot, you know it will come off on the face.

Nothing came off!

Still, to be sure, I swatched the back of the neck with the acetone, before starting the face. Always better to be safe than sorry and have a ruined face. Once again, nothing came off, so it was time to remove the ridiculous amount of paint that they put on this doll's face.

So much better!

I did try to remove the painted on eyelashes, on the eye, but it didn't work so well. Perhaps I should have tried to use a cotton swab, but I had children knocking on the locked bedroom door asking what I was doing, at the time, so I didn't think too much on it!

Next it was time to cut the hair. Luckily this doll's hair was already pulled into a low ponytail, in the back, and the two sides were left free to flow. Made my job a bit easier! I'll take you step by step on how I chopped the hair off.

First chop was to just cut at the base of the ponytail.

Then I did a rough cut to the two sides. I wasn't going for even, yet, just to get the length off and give me something that would be easy to work with.

One side done

After the first set of cutting. 

Back of the hair, after cutting it the first time.

Next I started pulling up the sides of the hair, and cutting it to make it have a more layered look, clipped closer to the ears and sides, which gave it more of a boyish look. It didn't take long, and since it's doll hair it's easy to keep cutting a little bit at a time and make sure that it all looks right.

After the last cut. 

Just a normal boy's cut, but I think it turned out well. I even cut off the ridiculously long eyelashes. 

Once this guy was done I decided to focus on the boots. They were made of a white plastic and had painted purple ties on them. That's the key to these things. If the main color, of the shoe, doll, whatever, is a solid color and the little details are a different color, chances are that the details are just painted on and can come off with acetone. Once again, test in a hidden spot to make sure. I took acetone and went to work removing the purple on the shoes. I got a bit excited and took off a small piece of the painted black. Not bad, but I should have been more careful!

I had to use cotton swabs and pads to remove the purple, but even with the swabs I couldn't get the small dots of purple out of the center. It's not bad, and it does give it a bit of detail!

Yeah, be careful when doing this. I barely touched the black paint with the acetone, and it came right off!

I decided that, since I couldn't dye the vest (the zipper was bright pink and I didn't have time to replace the zipper) that I would make a simple scarf and backpack for this guy. Alexsaur LOVED it, and named his doll "Dolphin". I don't know where he got it, but it works! So, allow me to introduce Dolphin and his accesories!

I found the play food set at Target. It's for baby dolls, but Alexsaur didn't care! And every adventure boy needs a trusty dog to be his companion!

Backpack that I made. Sadly, I didn't write down how I made it, I just made it :/

Dolphin and his dog, ready for an adventure!

I think it really turned out cute and Alexsaur loves it!

Until Next Time,

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