Saturday, September 13, 2014

Survivor Kids Training Volume 1

Today was our first Survivor Kids Training day. Our goal, if the weather holds out, is that every other Saturday we will head outside and learn about how best to survive in nature. It was a cold day, today, starting out at a chilly 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and muddy. We decided it was probably best to just stay at home and learn about one of the most needed survival skills- fire. 

I had ordered this book from Amazon. It was a great start to get the kids ready to learn how to survive, written for kids and teaches them a lot. Jackasaurus has read it, already, cover to cover and was so excited to start learning hands on!

Now, before we started our first day, my wonderful sister E, agreed to make the kids their very own Survival Kids journals. I mean what Survival Expert doesn't take the time to take notes and journal down everything that they learn? Maybe some don't, but I want to make sure that this was educational!

Be sure to check out Eryn's Pink Ivy when you get the chance. She makes some really cool stuff (plus she's a really good babysitter too). 

Now on to the good stuff! We started off by learning three ways to make fire. The ever obvious matches were first. Hubby taught the lessons, and the kids really paid attention. He started out explaining how fire was dangerous, and we should only use matches when mom or dad were around and were there to help. He went on to explain how to light a match, and then helped the kids light there own matches. I realize that it sounds really dumbed down, but you must remember that the kids are only 6, 5, and almost 3! So the lessons were very appropriate!

Then we tried to light a cotton ball, which had been lightly touched with Vasoline, on fire with a striker and knife. Hubby carefully explained how to hold a knife, how to grip it so you didn't cut yourself or drop it, and how to strike the striker to get a spark. The kids were really interested in watching the striker make sparks, as daddy helped them. Sadly, the kids weren't successful in getting a spark to land on the cotton ball, but mommy was! More on that later!

Sparks in action
Lastly we tried lighting an egg carton on fire using a magnifying glass. To get this to work the sun can't have even the slightest bit of cloud cover. The kids weren't able to get that going either, but success wasn't the goal. Getting them to not be afraid of fire, but to respect it was the goal. Learning about three simple ways to start a fire, and having them try their hand at it was the object lesson. 

The lessons didn't last too terribly long. They are young after all, and the idea of playing on the swing set, and playing Survivor Man was a bit more interesting to their young minds than sitting and waiting for a piece of egg carton to try and catch on fire! While they went to play, I decided to see if I could do what hubby had taught. 

My first fire was with the striker. No pictures, but after only 2 strikes I got the cotton ball to light, and slowly added tinder to it until it was able to be moved to the fire pit. I made fire! Sure, I've lit matches and burned things, but never without a match! I was pretty pleased with myself, to say the least.

After that I decided to try my hand at using the magnifying glass. The sun was up high enough, and no clouds, so I decided to give it a shot. It worked beautifully! I thought I was going to have to sit there for about 15 minutes or more, but it only took about 30 seconds for the tinder to catch!

Do you see the smoke under the added tinder? It was babied until the whole thing lit up!

I was quiet happy that I was able to get these two methods to work, and on my first try as well! After the days fun the kids sat down and drew their own pictures of the three methods used today (well Alexsaur tried) and then decided which one they liked best. No surprise that it was the striker that won!

In two weeks we'll be going on a camping trip, in the backyard, and let them start cooking some food. It will be a chance to get the cast iron dutch oven out and see what food we can find to eat in the back yard! As always I'll be blogging about that as well and showing lots of fun pictures!

Until Next Time, 

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