Wednesday, September 3, 2014

School is Back in Session!

Ah, school has started in our prehistoric household, and let me tell you the kids were excited! I mean really excited to be starting back up! I was really shocked at their enthusiasm to get back into the normal routine. They really don't do well when their routines get messed up, but I never guessed how happy they would be to be back at a full school day!

We have lots of on our plate, this year. Alexsaur is starting Pre-K. He'll be 3 in a few weeks, but he wants to do school sooo badly! We started working on numbers, letters, colors, shapes, words, and potty training. That child has resisted potty training so badly, but we did have 1 successful try today and he was so excited to get the praise for actually going in the potty! Here's hoping that tomorrow will be better than today!

Jackasaurus and Mopsy have a full workload. Two different kinds of math, and added worksheets as well. They really ask for more math, and love to work on the problems. Reading, language, spelling, reading comprehension, history and geography, science, and the most fun one of all- Survivor Kids Training.

Our children are obsessed with Survivor Man, done by Les Stroud. Every night, and I do mean every night, we watch an episode that we bought online. He has five seasons, so far, and they love watching and learning how to survive out in the wild with  nothing on you. I'm most impressed that Les not only goes to these wilderness areas and survives, but he films the entire thing himself. No camera crew, no way out- stranded for 7 days, trying to find food, shelter, and water. They have begged me to teach them some things, as well as go on more camping trips, etc. So, this school year, every other Saturday (I have to have hubby help with this!) we will be doing our Survivor Kids Training Course. Honestly, most of it comes from what Hubby has learned, while serving in the Army, from survivor manuals, and books that we have bought along the way. The kids are so excited! I'll let you know how it goes, and hopefully start being able to show you what we're learning!

Back to today's school day. It was a fantastic day. We started off with our new Bible Curriculum. This site, that's highlighted in red, is amazing. There are 325 Bible lessons, all geared for all ages of children, and it's free. I spent hours saving every PDF and printing them off, printing the coloring pages in triplicate, and the question sheets for Jackasaurus. They loved it! They listened to me read the Bible passage, asked questions, all while coloring the sheet for the lesson.

They had so much fun listening to the lesson, and coloring!

After Bible, it was off to start the day's worth of school work. I figured it wouldn't take long (they only had the first day's worth of work, which is just getting you back into the swing of things and it's super easy), but they had all their work done in two hours. Math, Reading, Language Art, History and Geography, Science, extra math work, handwriting practice- all of it done rather quickly. They were super proud that they worked hard, and were able to go and read some books for fun, or just go play. That's the beauty of homeschooling! No set time limits- as long as you get all your work done (and get it all done right) then you are free at the end!

I'm not saying that the rest of the year will go this easily, but I'm pleased that I didn't have any issues with getting them back into the school year. I think that's because we did summer school and they had never really stopped doing their work. Here's hoping the rest of the year goes as smoothly!

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  1. Sounds like a great day! We started the first lesson of the Bible Curriculum ourselves. My daughter loves it. Since it talked about the moon and the sun, we also did an astronomy lesson today for science. Thanks for the share! :D


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