Saturday, September 6, 2014

Mopsy's Big Day

Today we celebrated Mopsy's 5th birthday. It's not her actual birthday, but it was the only day that we could get the family together. It's hard to believe that she's getting so big! She is such a gorgeous girl, who loves everything princess, and is so smart! I know, I know, every parent says that, but she just turned 5 and is breezing through learning her addition facts and is doing really well at reading well above her grade level. So, I think I'm entitled to be a bit biased on this!

Mopsy really felt the love, this birthday, but I think the one, personalized, gift that she got really topped the cake. I've shown several pieces that my sister has drawn for me, and even the princesses that she's drawn for Mopsy, that grace her bedroom walls. We were really surprised when, on Mopsy's actual birthday, we received the most incredible gift. A personalized character drawing of Mopsy and her favorite Disney Princess (so far) Elsa. I literally cried when I saw it; it was so beautiful.

I know that Mopsy doesn't understand the magnitude of this gift yet (although she was in love of the idea of a picture of her and Elsa), and doesn't see how much it means. She's more interested in the wonderful doll that Aunt K got her, the Twilight Sparkle pillow plush that Grandma got her, thinking about what to buy with the money Aunt D sent her, and the Lego set we got her to really understand the magnitude of such a heartfelt piece that was done, but I understand it. Thank Allie, it's amazing, and I know that it took not only time but a lot of thought to think about what she likes most right now! 

If you want to see more of my sister's art, please check out her Facebook Page, by clicking the red words. If you're interested in a custom piece, feel free to message her and she will let you know her pricing! 

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  1. Such talent! absolutely amazing... Miss Mopsy is a very blessed little girl!


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