Monday, September 1, 2014

Main Bathroom Redecorating

Boy, for a holiday that's supposed to be about relaxing from hard work, I've worked my tail off this Labor Day weekend! The last major project, for this year, was our main bathroom. I knew what I wanted, and asked my sister to draw me some art for the bathroom, and she did not disappoint! Let's get into what my inspiration was, what the bathroom looked like, and most importantly what it looks like now. I'll break down how much I spent (which was next to nothing) and tell you how I got the look! Ready?

A few months ago my sister started showing some artwork that she was doing. I asked her if she could draw some of my favorite birds, for an idea I had for our main bathroom. All I told her was that I wanted a cardinal and a blue jay, perched on some cherry blossoms. I'm not artistic at all and knew that telling her the basic idea of what I wanted would mean that it probably turned out better, than if I decided to imagine it up. Here's what she came up with for me.

I was blown away! If I had half her artistic! This was the idea behind what I wanted to decorate my main bathroom. I wanted more neutral colors, and colors that were reflected in nature. We love to be outdoors any time that we can; camping, hiking, or just exploring the great outdoors. With her two art pieces in hand I started my design.

Sadly, our main bathroom is a bit small. It meets our needs, but the previous owners left it a stark, sad white, which made the room feel smaller. It's weird, because white normally makes things feel bigger, but the entire room was white! It was blah.

I had a set budget in mind (under $100) and began to purchase pieces every month until I had what I needed, but I'll get into the total cost later. Here's what I had to work with.

White- everywhere. Even our trashcan, well except for the hideous wood cabinets. They're solid, but the color was just gross! And before I get accused of hating wood, or it's color, that's not the case. I love natural wood and all it's glory, but this was covered in laminate that looked like wood. Not even the real thing!

Now, I had to keep my budget in mind, and that meant not being able to replace all the silver stuff with oil rubbed bronze, like I really wanted to. But, I had a solution. Spray paint. Rustoleum makes metal looking spray paint that is specifically made for spraying on metal items, and it's about $5 at your local Wal-Mart store. First thing I did was to remove every piece that I wanted to paint, and that included the toilet paper roll holder.

Say bye-bye ugly colors. 
After spraying a light coat of paint on the all the fixtures, I went to work on the cabinets. I used the same paint that I used for Mopsy's bed, dresser, and desk. That Gripper paint had served a lot of purposes! Three coats of paint and a coat of polyurethane, and the cabinets were transformed. Next step was to paint the hideous walls. As you can see, from the above picture, there's been some water stains. The paint, for bathrooms, to cover and seal was a bit more pricey than any other paint I've bought but I wanted to make sure that it lasted. There were several other projects, but I'll go into those as I show the after pictures.

The white color, on the cabinets, updates the look but still gives it that rustic charm. All the hardware was painted in a brushed oil bronze color paint. I even did the light fixture above and the covers for our jars. Hubby painted the outlets and several other areas as well. We had hooks, that went over the door, that were perfect for towel holders. He sawed off the hook part, sanded down the rough edges, and drilled holes to hang them. 

These gorgeous toothbrush holder and soap dispenser were bought online. Click the names to go to the site.

I love the look of the light, now that the rust has been removed from the old one and painted. We sealed it to make sure that rust wasn't an issue again.

Even the inside of the door was painted in a warm brown tone, with subtle plum undertones. There is a cool story about the towels. These towels were a dark plum color. I really didn't want to buy new towels, especially when these were still in perfect condition. So, I dyed them. Yep, I bought some Rit dye remover and removed as much of the plum color as I could and dyed them a dark blue. Make sure to add the 1 cup of salt to the dye bath; it makes it hold the color much better. And, it cost the fraction of what brand new towels would have cost me!

I saw an idea on Pinterest about using birdcages as candle holders, and I loved the idea. The problem was, looking around, that a birdcage was about $150. Yeah, that would have blown my budget! Instead, some searching on Craigslist got me this beauty, and this was the color that the original owner had painted it! The best part? It only cost me $10!

Free artwork found at Reusable Art. The art, that wasn't drawn by my sister, is all public domain. I had the frame on hand, that I had bought from the Dollar Tree years ago, and never used. Another freebie!

Curtains were another on hand item. We had them at our old house, and didn't need them here, until I redid the bathroom. I cut them to size, hemmed them, and sewed on a brown grosgrain ribbon on the bottom to tie them in to everything else. 

Even the incense holder got some attention with the grosgrain ribbon!

The shower curtain I bought online, from Target. It was inexpensive and really worked well. I used the brown grosgrain ribbon to tie little bows on each curtain hook. 

The double shower hook was another great deal, that I got about a year ago. A Facebook group, that I belong to, had a lady who was selling this rod because it didn't fit her bathroom. I have no clue what it retailed for, but being a Delta and rather ornate, I bet it was expensive. I got it for $5. The basket, on the bottom, is the perfect place to hold the bath toys, and let them dry. Got this basket, a few years ago, at the Dollar Tree. 

Close up of the free art from Reusable Art

Even our white trashcan got painted in oil brush bronzed. I love how the art, from my sister, looks hanging on the gorgeous walls!

Now for the totals. This was a really inexpensive room. By using what we had, on hand, and just painting it to make it look better, we saved a ton of money. Granted, I still want to change our sink's faucet to a brushed oil bronze fixture, but that will have to wait. The one we have still works and I'm not about to pay that kind of money for one right now!

Paint for the walls- $21.97 from Lowe's. It's an oil based paint that is made for bathrooms and is excellent at hiding water stains. I think it did a great job!
Spray paint- $5.97 from Wal-Mart. The thing about that 1 can of spray paint is that it did everything. All of the fixtures, the light, the switches, the trashcan, the toilet paper holder, and I even used it to spray the paper that I used to cover the glass in the shelf. It really stretched far!
Shower Curtain- $18.99 plus I think it was about $5 shipping. There was no option to have it shipped site to store, which I was not happy with.
Tooth Brush holder- $9.79. I was able to have this shipped, free, to the store nearest me.
Soap Pump- $12.49. Again, I was able to have this shipped free to the store. Just had to pick it up on my weekly shopping trip.
Rit dye remover- It was less than $2, that much I remember. I'm sorry, I can't find my receipt to double check, but I know that it was cheap, and a must have it you're going to dye to a completely different color.
Rit dye in denim blue- $4. I only needed 1 bottle, and it gave me more of the color that I wanted than using 2 bottles of the color. 
Birdcage- $10 on Craigslist
Grosgrain ribbon- I bought 2 spools at the Dollar Tree. -$2
Paint for the cabinets and trim- Free. I had it on hand, although we used the last of our gallon of Gripper paint for this remodel.
All accessories were either reused or I had on hand from other decorations. 

Total Cost: $87.21

Wahoo!!!! I came in under budget and I think that the transformation looks amazing! It's amazing what you can do with using what you have, thinking outside of the box, and just with a little bit of love and hard work you can have a room you love for not a lot of money!

Until Next Time,

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