Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Homemade Feminine Pads

I am always trying for ways to save my family money, and one way I noticed was my monthly expense for Feminine hygiene products. While $5 a month might not seem like much, it adds up! Over $60 a year! And if a catastrophe strikes, and you can't get to the store, what are you going to do? Most people don't think about this before its too late, but I've been thinking about it for awhile.

When my 3 dinosaurs were in cloth diapers, I used Kushie's brand of all in one diapers, but I also put the cloth liners in them. I found that it helped keep them drier longer. Once they were out of diapers, I still had about sixty liners there were perfectly good.

You can find them at Here
My thought was that I could still use these! They weren't stained, in perfect condition, and the perfect size for feminine hygiene products.

To make them, I simply sewed three of them together. Why three? I wanted to make sure that they stayed absorbent, and worked well for a long time. To clean them, all I do is soak them in ice cold water and wash in hot water. I don't use bleach, as bleach tends to make fabric start to fall apart after awhile, and I really don't want that chemical anywhere near any sensitive parts! Now, full disclosure, I don't wear these when I'm out and about. I didn't put velcro on them, to keep them in place. Your underwear will do the job of keeping them in place, but I really don't want them to bunch up while I'm at the store and risk a leak. I'm still saving my family money, however, as I went from needing a bag a month, to only needing a few at most. If it's something that you are interested in, check out Kushies, or another brand that makes diaper liners, and see about making some for yourself!

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