Sunday, August 10, 2014

August's Room Makeover

Last month we worked on our boys' room, and we thought that was a big job! It was nothing compared to doing Mopsy's room, however! Her room was truly a labor of love, one that we knew would be well worth it when our little princess saw it- and we were not disappointed!

One thing I forgot to do, and I apologize for, was give you a total for how much the boys room cost us. It was a bit pricy, considering that we had to actually buy the bunk beds for them, but in all it wasn't bad. I'll edit that post, and give you a break down of what we bought and how much it cost.

Mopsy's room was, by far, the cheapest remodel I've done to date. Most everything we did, we used materials that we already had, or were given to us. It's all about thinking outside of the box, when trying to save money. 

On Saturday we started the painting. Mopsy picked the colors herself- a light daffodil yellow and a bright princess pink. We were able to paint her entire room and closet before lunch time. I think that set a new record for hubby and me! That left plenty of room to decorate, which we actually needed.

When we started to put her bed together, it became painfully evident that whomever made the head and foot board had a totally different bed frame in mind, than a standard bed frame. I have no clue how anyone could attach the head and foot board to a standard frame. It just wouldn't work! I am so lucky that I married such a handy man, who knows how to build stuff. Instead of scrapping the whole bed idea, he went out and built her a brand new bed! To say I was impressed would be an understatement!

YAY! We were able to use the head and foot board after all!

Sadly, building the bed took most of the afternoon, and left very little time for us to actually decorate. I was able to do most of the decorating myself, but some of it had to be left for the next day. The results were so worth it, though!

View from the door, into the room. Thank Aunt A for the amazing artwork!

Canopy bed, which I will share how I made in another post. View from the door. The adorable artwork was made by her Aunt D. Mopsy adores her pictures!

Princess bedding fit for a Princess and her Princess Mouse (gift from Aunt D)

Another view of the canopy bed. We are going to put up a chandelier, that was a gift from Aunt D, at a later date. It will require hard wiring the whole thing in, so it will have a wait a few days! I'll show pics once it's put up though!

The shelf was built by hubby, and I painted and lacquered the dresser, putting new drawer pulls on as well. The little doll, on the shelf, was made by her Aunt K. 

Her school desk/ vanity that we got for free out of someone's trash! Perfect area for a princess to do her schoolwork!

Close up of the Tinkerbell decal. I got this at the Dollar Tree. Yes, the entire thing was $1!
These hanging balls were from Aunt A's wedding, and she gave them to Mopsy. The decal in the corner will be shown, in greater detail, down below.

Close up of the yarn balls that Aunt A made for her wedding.

I got this decal, which just rubs on and peels off for easy removal, at the Dollar Tree. Yes, it only cost me $1!

More amazing art work by Aunt A! It's like Aunt A knows Mopsy, or something!

I hand painted these letters, and free drew the designs on each one. I also got the adorable wooden pieces at Hobby Lobby for less than $1 each. Calendar was bought at the Dollar Tree as well. Cork board was left in this house, when we moved in, so another freebie!

Close up of the letter J. All this was done with Sharpies.

Close up of the letter R. All done with Sharpies, and a very steady hand!

Letter S. Also done in Sharpie.

Now for the totals. This room was really actually really cheap, because we used what we already had on hand to decorate it with.

Paint- $40 for 1 gallon of the Princess Pink and one of Daffodil yellow
Wood to make the bed and the shelf- $20
Decals- $2 total, for the Tinkerbell and Dandelion
Princess bedding- $30 from Walmart The price has gone back up, but I was able to get it on roll-back.
Drawer pulls- $5 each one, from Lowe's. Total cost $15 for the pulls.
Head board and footboard- Free. They used to be Alexsaur's old crib and we painted it white with paint that we had leftover from another project. 
Dresser- Free. Was given to me by my parents years ago. Painted it with the same paint that I painted the head and foot board, and lacquered it. 
Vanity- Free. Found on the curb and it was in perfect condition. Painted it with the same paint that I painted the head and footboard with and lacquered it. 
All the artwork were gifts from Mopsy's aunts. The only frames I bought were the silver ones, and I can't remember where I got it. It was years ago!
Rug- $10 on clearance at Walmart. I love how the grey color compliments the silver accents in her room!
Lettering- I bought when Mopsy was born, so I think the little pre-decorated ones were about $1 each, and the letters were about $2 each, but I know I had a 1/2 off coupon for Hobby Lobby at the time. Once again, bought and decorated these years ago.
Canopy- Less than $6. The large, 14" embroidery hoop I used was a gift from a friend, and I got the tulle at Walmart for $0.96 a yard. I bought 2 pieces that were 3 yards long. 

Total cost for the makeover- $123

It does help to reuse items that you have, around the house, and use up some paint that you might have sitting around the house. This makeover could have cost a lot more, if we had bought everything brand new. I really love how the paint seems to change color with the different lighting. It's all the same paint, but where you stand, it can look like a different shade! Yay for Disney paint! As I said, the only thing we have left to do, in her room, is to hang the chandelier. That was also free, as it was a gift from her aunt. I really love how this room turned out, and most importantly how cheap it was to makeover!

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  1. You did such a lovely job! I bet she is one happy little princess now! :D

  2. Thanks ladies! She does love her room and is more eager than ever to do her school work at her 'princess desk'!


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