Monday, July 14, 2014

Refashioning Clothes

I have been super inspired by this amazing Blog. The way that she can see old and ugly clothing and make them into something that's not only fashionable but beautiful is just amazing! She really made me think about some clothes that I had been waiting to donate. I, honestly, had just forgotten that they were sitting in my pantry, and when I saw this blog it reminded me that I had some things that could be remade and reused into new things! Hurray for  not polluting the planet with more trash!

I have a bunch of camis that I had bought to wear in the summer, a few years ago. The problem is that after they were washed they shrunk and suddenly they didn't fit my long torso anymore. :( I had put them in the donate pile, until I saw her blog and it got me thinking.

Mopsey loves to wear dresses, and I thought of her immediately when I saw those camis. They were a jersey material, and perfect for dresses. Not the kind that could be worn to church, but the kind that she could wear to play outside. The girl will wear a dress anywhere! This is the shirt that I used. It's inside out, so I could mark where to pin and cut.

So big on a 4 year old girl!

So the first thing I did was have her put on the cami, inside out. I wanted to see it on her and see where I needed to take it in. Very carefully, so I didn't poke her with the pins, I pinned out where I needed to sew.

Took in about 1 1/2 inches on each side, an inch on the back, and took the straps and pinned them together to make a halter looking top.

After pinning the dress to fit her, I gently took it off and started sewing up the sides and the back using a zigzag stitch, This is a jersey knit fabric so it needed a stitch that would give it some 'give'. Then I stitched up the back piece, which needed to come in and did a couple of stitches on the back halter. I did have to do a couple of tucks on the front piece, as it was still just too big on her in the front.

I used my pinking shears to cut right next to the stitches. You can see the line where I hemmed and hadn't cut yet. 

The end result turned out really cute! Mopsey is in love with her new dress and begging me to make her more from the other camis!

Hard to keep her still when she's happy!

Total time for this project- 30 minutes. It would have taken less time if Mopsey had stood still while pinning and I hadn't had two other dinosaurs running in my office! I still have four other camis to refashion, so I'll start on those soon! In the meantime, please check out Refashionista. Her blog is amazing and her ideas are truly inspirational!

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