Sunday, July 6, 2014

Our 4th of July Weekend

It's been rather busy these past few days, in our prehistoric household. Before I go into what happened in our house, I thought I would share a few pictures. We finally got the dining room table that I wanted! After months of looking, searching every site that I could think of, and then waiting for sales to pop up, I got my table at our local Nebraska Furniture Mart. The beauty of this table is that without the leaf in it easily seats eight people. With the leaf in, it seat up to ten plus! It's wonderful for my large family and my husband's large family!

I'm working on a table runner right now, but I am in love with this table! And, it came just in time for our large 4th of July celebration!

A few months ago my husband's brother, D, asked if he could spend the 4th of July with us, bringing his amazing four boys with him! How could I say no to that? We are so blessed that our house is large enough that it can easily accommodate us and an additional five people. On Thursday, the 3rd, D and his 4 boys came over while our three dinosaurs were fast asleep. What a fun treat it was for them to wake up to their four cousins!

I guess that D said that his son, H, was a bit worried that my house wouldn't be any fun because I have a lot of rules. After sending all the kids outside, on the 4th, equipping them with pool noodles, that were cut in half, and letting them sword fight with them that worry was out the window! The boys were amazing, and it was awesome to watch D as a dad with them. He really is a great father, and it shows by how his boys behave. But, our 4th of July celebration was not complete with just D and his boys! We were honored to have L and her wife H, and their kids, come and spend the evening with us. D and my husband made some incredible BBQ for everybody: smoked ribs, smoked chicken, smoked beans, grilled hamburgers, sausages, and hotdogs. Everyone was stuffed and then came the real fun! Fireworks for everybody!

Every child got loads of snappers and streamer poppers (is that the correct name? If not, it is now!) and then the adults lit the big ones. I'm not sure which was louder, the fireworks going off or the kids screaming with delight as they watched the fireworks? It was a blast to have fifteen people in our house, and just have a great time!

On Saturday, the 5th, we all decided to take the kids and cousins to the KC Zoo. I was so impressed by how well all seven children behaved, stuck by my side the entire time, and everyone had a blast!

The Polar Bear was having way too much fun entertaining the children!

Moon Jellyfish

Everybody wanted to see the elephants!

I don't know how the lions slept with all the noise!

Yes, I'm well aware that there are no pictures, on here, that show all seven kids. All of those pictures show their faces, and I just won't show that on my blog! I am so glad that my nephews got the chance to stay with us, play with their cousins, and had a blast. I can't wait until the next time they can stay with us!

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