Sunday, July 27, 2014

Weekend Project

Summer has been crazy around here. Between people coming to visit, going places as a family, or working on areas of the house, we've been going non-stop this summer! This weekend's project was working on our boys' room. It's been sitting there, for over a year, unpainted and undecorated. Oh the kids have added their artwork here and there, but I still had their military decor that I wanted to put up!

We knew that we needed bunk beds for the boys. Up until a few days ago, they had been sleeping in two beds, that were on opposite sides of the room. Their room is large, but having the beds like that made the room feel so much smaller and didn't leave any room for them to really stretch out and play. We found a great deal on some solid wood bunk beds, and husband and Jackasaurus put them together. It was so neat to watch as hubby and Jackasaurus bonded and put the bunk beds together!

My two men hard at work!

This weekend it was time for the paint. Now we didn't allow our children to help paint the room. We got the lowest odor paint we could find, but still the smell was bad. Plus we didn't want paint everywhere, so the kids stood outside the door and watched as mom and dad painted. We were able to knock out the painting in one day, but we still had all the decor to put up today. Hubby and I make a great team, and really enjoy doing remodeling projects together.

Here's the result of the makeover. The room went from drab and uninspired to amazing (at least I think so!).

I made the boys' comforters and decorative pillows. 

Jackasaurus' comforter is an ode to the US Army

Alexsaur's comforter is an ode to the US Navy

Even the curtains have Military themed buttons on them!

The dressers were split apart, from the massive wardrobe that they had been, and a school desk was added to the room. The giant corkboard was a gift from a wonderful friend, and was easily split down the middle for both boys to use!

I put up pictures of some of the family members that have served in the US Military. My paternal grandfather was in the Army, and both of my Maternal grandparents served in Army as well.

The closet was painted the same blue color as the opposite wall, and since the doors had been taken off, we put some drawback curtains that I made up instead. 

I hand painted every letter, and drew the designs on them. These have a barbed wire pattern drawn on them, with sharpie.

These letters were the hardest to do. Drawing a rope, painting the inside, then outlining it with Sharpie was tough, but the effect was worth it! Please excuse the picture. My camera wouldn't focus for the anything!

All the cute little boat themed medallions, and the helicopter, plane and the tank were all bought at Hobby Lobby for dirt cheap. Perfect place to display their Build and Grow badges from Lowe's.

I found this lamp, when I was pregnant with Jackasuarus, and it fits the theme of the room so well!

I love having pictures of the men and women who served, in our family, gracing the walls. 
This shelf was another gift, from a wonderful friend. It had sports themed medallions on it, and while it was cute, it didn't go with the military theme for the room. We took one of the medallions off, in the center, and painted one of them the blue color, and the other a nice brown. It's the perfect spot to put hubby's Army hat, some badges, and a Scentsy warmer, in honor of all the branches of the Armed Forces.

Close up of my paternal grandfather and maternal grandfather and grandmother

To say that the boys were happy about their room would be an understatement. They were ecstatic about it! We plan on painting some giant war machines, in black chalk paint, but that will have to wait until Mopsy's room is done (that's next on our list) and the bathroom has been redone. I only wish that I had a picture of my father, who served in the Air Force, and a picture of my husband, who served in the Army. Sadly, those have been lost, but the stories still live on and we tell them to our children. I love how this room turned out, and while there are still bits and pieces to do (like staining the top of a dresser or adding the chalkboard paint) I can mark this room off of my to-do list!

EDIT: I forgot to put up the total for this room! I apologize!
Bunk beds with mattresses included- $358 with free shipping to home from Walmart. I got the Espresso color.
Sheet set- $60 for 2 of them. They were $29.99 from Walmart
Navy and Army comforters- $7 per yard at JoAnns. They were, originally, $15 per yard, but they were on sale, at the time, and I had a 1/2 off coupon. I bought 1 1/2 yards of each fabric.
Decorative pillows- I really don't remember. I bought the fabric years ago, when I worked in the Walmart fabrics department.
Throw Rug- $10 on clearance
Paint-$30. The blue color was mistinted by the paint company, so they gave it to me for 1/2 off. The green paint was $20 for a gallon.
Curtains- I made these years ago, and I know that I got fabric that was only $1 per yard, but I can't remember how much fabric I got, or the total. We're talking about 5 years ago I made those! Same goes for the buttons. I think I got those at Hobby Lobby, but I can't remember.
Cork Board- Free. It was a gift from a friend
Dressers- Bought at a garage sale over 5 years ago. I think it only cost us about $20, but I could be wrong.
School Desk- Free. Was given to us by a friend
Blue Curtains for closet- I made these while we lived in our old house, and needed to cover a massive picture window. I know I only bought the $1 per yard fabric, but once again I don't remember how much I got. It was about 5 years ago that I made those.
Shadow boxes for pictures and badges- I had a 1/2 off coupon for Hobby Lobby, and these frames ended up costing me less than $2 each. The badges I got at a military surplus store, and I can't remember what I paid for them.

Total Cost for the remodel- $458

The only reason this room cost so much was because of the bunk beds. It would have cost much less if we hadn't bought those, but they were needed badly!

Until Next Time,

Monday, July 14, 2014

Refashioning Clothes

I have been super inspired by this amazing Blog. The way that she can see old and ugly clothing and make them into something that's not only fashionable but beautiful is just amazing! She really made me think about some clothes that I had been waiting to donate. I, honestly, had just forgotten that they were sitting in my pantry, and when I saw this blog it reminded me that I had some things that could be remade and reused into new things! Hurray for  not polluting the planet with more trash!

I have a bunch of camis that I had bought to wear in the summer, a few years ago. The problem is that after they were washed they shrunk and suddenly they didn't fit my long torso anymore. :( I had put them in the donate pile, until I saw her blog and it got me thinking.

Mopsey loves to wear dresses, and I thought of her immediately when I saw those camis. They were a jersey material, and perfect for dresses. Not the kind that could be worn to church, but the kind that she could wear to play outside. The girl will wear a dress anywhere! This is the shirt that I used. It's inside out, so I could mark where to pin and cut.

So big on a 4 year old girl!

So the first thing I did was have her put on the cami, inside out. I wanted to see it on her and see where I needed to take it in. Very carefully, so I didn't poke her with the pins, I pinned out where I needed to sew.

Took in about 1 1/2 inches on each side, an inch on the back, and took the straps and pinned them together to make a halter looking top.

After pinning the dress to fit her, I gently took it off and started sewing up the sides and the back using a zigzag stitch, This is a jersey knit fabric so it needed a stitch that would give it some 'give'. Then I stitched up the back piece, which needed to come in and did a couple of stitches on the back halter. I did have to do a couple of tucks on the front piece, as it was still just too big on her in the front.

I used my pinking shears to cut right next to the stitches. You can see the line where I hemmed and hadn't cut yet. 

The end result turned out really cute! Mopsey is in love with her new dress and begging me to make her more from the other camis!

Hard to keep her still when she's happy!

Total time for this project- 30 minutes. It would have taken less time if Mopsey had stood still while pinning and I hadn't had two other dinosaurs running in my office! I still have four other camis to refashion, so I'll start on those soon! In the meantime, please check out Refashionista. Her blog is amazing and her ideas are truly inspirational!

Until Next Time,

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Our 4th of July Weekend

It's been rather busy these past few days, in our prehistoric household. Before I go into what happened in our house, I thought I would share a few pictures. We finally got the dining room table that I wanted! After months of looking, searching every site that I could think of, and then waiting for sales to pop up, I got my table at our local Nebraska Furniture Mart. The beauty of this table is that without the leaf in it easily seats eight people. With the leaf in, it seat up to ten plus! It's wonderful for my large family and my husband's large family!

I'm working on a table runner right now, but I am in love with this table! And, it came just in time for our large 4th of July celebration!

A few months ago my husband's brother, D, asked if he could spend the 4th of July with us, bringing his amazing four boys with him! How could I say no to that? We are so blessed that our house is large enough that it can easily accommodate us and an additional five people. On Thursday, the 3rd, D and his 4 boys came over while our three dinosaurs were fast asleep. What a fun treat it was for them to wake up to their four cousins!

I guess that D said that his son, H, was a bit worried that my house wouldn't be any fun because I have a lot of rules. After sending all the kids outside, on the 4th, equipping them with pool noodles, that were cut in half, and letting them sword fight with them that worry was out the window! The boys were amazing, and it was awesome to watch D as a dad with them. He really is a great father, and it shows by how his boys behave. But, our 4th of July celebration was not complete with just D and his boys! We were honored to have L and her wife H, and their kids, come and spend the evening with us. D and my husband made some incredible BBQ for everybody: smoked ribs, smoked chicken, smoked beans, grilled hamburgers, sausages, and hotdogs. Everyone was stuffed and then came the real fun! Fireworks for everybody!

Every child got loads of snappers and streamer poppers (is that the correct name? If not, it is now!) and then the adults lit the big ones. I'm not sure which was louder, the fireworks going off or the kids screaming with delight as they watched the fireworks? It was a blast to have fifteen people in our house, and just have a great time!

On Saturday, the 5th, we all decided to take the kids and cousins to the KC Zoo. I was so impressed by how well all seven children behaved, stuck by my side the entire time, and everyone had a blast!

The Polar Bear was having way too much fun entertaining the children!

Moon Jellyfish

Everybody wanted to see the elephants!

I don't know how the lions slept with all the noise!

Yes, I'm well aware that there are no pictures, on here, that show all seven kids. All of those pictures show their faces, and I just won't show that on my blog! I am so glad that my nephews got the chance to stay with us, play with their cousins, and had a blast. I can't wait until the next time they can stay with us!

Until Next Time,

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