Thursday, June 26, 2014

Vintage Craft Table

My dad gave me this table that had belonged to my grandfather. My grandfather had wanted a craft table, and had taken some old sewing legs and attached them to a table top. I have no idea where the original sewing top is, but that table has a lot of history. My grandfather was really good at putting together models of ships, airplanes, cars, etc and he used this table to put them together. The top tells stories of his art craft, and I love the look of the legs. The thing about this table was that the top was really rough, but after a good sanding, with three different types of grit sandpaper, the top was smooth and finally usable!

The legs, however, were a different story. Being that they were really old and had small details I knew that I had to be careful with what I used to clean it. I didn't want to remove anything but the dirt and grime- leaving the original patina intact. Here's what the legs looked like before I started cleaning.

There was a lot of dust, but also just grime packed onto it. I tried a bit of water, but it didn't even touch the grime. I needed something gentle but good at removing the dirt. So, I tried some Johnson's Paste Wax. It's good at cleaning wood, metal, plastic, leather and more. It does have an odor to it, but after testing a bit on a back section and seeing that the patina was left intact, but the grime and dirt was removed, I felt confident that it could clean the rest of the table! Boy, did it ever work! Just look at the after!

It still has that old feel and look, but the legs and top look better than ever! We decided that it was the perfect puzzle table, and the kids are thrilled that they have a permanent place to do puzzles!

I'm so glad that we were able to save this piece. It might not be an antique, but it has a special place in our home, knowing that my grandfather put it together for a purpose and used it all the time.

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