Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Latest Adventures

It's no real secret that I am a HUGE fan of the Wheel of Time series. I have been in love with this massive work for the past eight years, and going strong. Even though the series is technically over, that doesn't mean that the community of followers isn't going strong. This past April I had the fortune of going to an annual event known as Jordancon. I am so lucky that my wonderful husband agreed to let me go, and watch the three dinosaurs by himself for four days! That is no small feat, may I add! I thought I would share a bit about my experience and a couple of new art pieces that I have gotten in the past few weeks.

For those of you who don't know Jordancon celebrates the literary work of the famed Robert Jordan (born James Oliver Rigney Jr.) and his fifteen book series, the Wheel of Time. Robert Jordan died, in 2007, from Cardiac Amyloidosis. Since his death, in 2007, part of the Jordancon experience has been to raise money to find a cure for this disease. It is a worthwhile cause and one that I was happy to donate towards.

On this years panel was another one of my favorite authors, Brandon Sanderson. I fell in love with Brandon Sanderson's work while he finished up the Wheel of Time series, and have fallen in love with his other works. His latest one, that I absolutely love, is the Stormlight Archives. I don't throw the word epic around much; I feel that it gets used for everything and anything, but that series is EPIC. I'll go into my thoughts about the Stormlight Archives in another post.
OMG! I got to have my book signed by Brandon Sanderson, and got to ask some questions about the series. Too bad he just gave me a RAFO :(

At the Con, I had the privilege of sitting and listening to Brandon Sanderson read from his works, listen to his rules of writing his legendary magic systems, and most importantly meeting some amazing people that I've only known online. That, to me, was the highlight of the weekend. Meeting people that I've only been able to meet online and speak with there.
Sorry these guys will remain nameless on here, but they are amazing guys that I have had the privilege of knowing online for quite awhile and only recently was able to meet in person. What an honor for me!

While in Georgia, I learned a lot about myself. I learned to conquer my fear of going that far away from my family, and going someplace completely alone. Truth to tell, that was terrifying. Getting into Atlanta's airport, securing the rental car, and driving in unknown highways to my destination was new and uncharted territory for me. And while I am a strong woman (the strongest woman that my husband has ever known, according to him) I had to push myself even farther to go out of my comfort zone. I also learned that Georgia's climate is NOT for me. I'm able to control my seasonal allergies, here in Kansas, but L-rd Almighty! In Georgia, the pollen count was 5000 and climbing. My allergy medicine did nothing to touch it.

Even with the pollen count, I was able to enjoy myself and meet some of the most interesting people.

Captain Bill and his AMAZING mustache. This guy was a real treat to talk to! And he makes some AWESOME steampunk guns. Check out his website

Me and the young Bayle Domon

Another step out of my comfort zone (as if flying to Atlanta, by myself, and dealing with that mess of airport wasn't enough) was finally getting the first of two tattoos. I love the symbolism in the Wheel of Time, and how every symbol means something.

This is the first one, and is the Flame of Tar Valon. It means sacrifice. It's on my left wrist.
I was pleasantly surprised while getting this tattoo. There was NO pain involved. The artist kept stopping and asking if I was okay, and was surprised when I told him that I didn't feel anything. Of course I had to explain that I've had three children, and the last one was at home in a birthing tub. After that he understood why I could sit perfectly still, for my first tattoo, and not feel anything.

Once home, my adoring husband took me to get the second tattoo. Now I have the set that I've wanted for eight years.

This is the Aes Sedai symbol and means Servant of All
I can not wait to go back to Jordancon next year. I'm hoping that my husband and my three dinosaurs can go with me, but only time will tell if that will be happening.

Until Next Time,

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