Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My First Time as a Doula

I was so blessed to be the doula for my sister and witness the birth of my niece, August 7th, 2013. I have not written about the experience, as I was waiting for my sister to share her birth story first. She blogged about it on her Blog and so I felt that it was time to share my experience as being her doula.

First off, it was oddly strange watching the birthing process, instead of doing it. As I have shared before, I have given birth three time, the last time was at home in a birthing tub. The experience having a midwife was so surreal, and so peaceful, that I knew I wanted to help other women give birth. Sadly, I was not able to be there for two other births I had planned on attending: one had to have an emergency c-section and I was not permitted to attend, and I could not get to California to be with my other sister when she had twins. I am grateful that my parents were able to be there to help her transition from the hospital to home, but she had her twins right when we were moving to our new home. There was no way that I could attend the birth, much to my dismay.

My other sister lives about twenty minutes away from me, and had requested that I be her doula. I was more then happy to accept, and we met with her due date being about a week later. We went over every aspect of the labor, from start to finish, and what she could expect. On August 5th, she started laboring at home about 9pm.

The next morning she texted me, letting me know what was happening, and how far apart her contractions were. By 7pm on the 6th, I went over to her house. Her contractions were about 2 min. apart, but not very strong. She had high blood pressure during the pregnancy,and decided that she wanted to go to the hospital to make sure everything was ok, and see how far she was dilated.

By 8:30pm, we were at the hospital, and she was only dilated to a 2. Her contractions were still 2 min. apart, and the staff agreed to allow her to do intravenous monitoring. That meant she would be allowed to be off of the monitors for 20 min, and back on for 20 min. It wasn't much, but we were able to work with what the hospital would allow.

For the next 10 hours (yes until about 5:30 am) we walked, balanced on a birthing ball, massaged key pressure points in her legs to speed up the contractions (and it really worked well!)and her contractions stayed at every 2 min, but she was stuck at 4 cent. dilated. She was able to handle the contractions when she was off of the bed, and not being monitored, but once they stuck her back on the monitor, it was hard for her to cope. Finally, at 6 am, on the 7th, she decided that she had had enough and wanted medication. I don't blame her at all. She hadn't slept in over 24 hours, and was just exhausted. Despite everything that we tried to get her dilate, she was just stuck. So, at 7am, she finally got an epidural, which gave me a small break to go get some food.

Just because she had an epidural, didn't mean that my job was done. I got the nurse to agree to let me get her a popsicle, and she was able to drink water. When she finally was dilated to a 10, at about 7pm, her hot flashes kept me on my toes to keep her sponged off and cool. Finally, at about 8pm, she was feeling like she was ready to push. She pushed like a champ, but as the baby started to come down, either a foot or an elbow started pushing on a nerve in her hip. The poor woman had such a Charlie horse, and the only thing that would somewhat sedate it was for me to ball up my fist and rub as hard and fast as I could. It was hardest when she felt the urge to push, and I needed to keep my fist on her hip so she could manage the cramp.

Finally, the Dr. came in and allowed her to push on the side that was cramping. It seemed to help a lot with the pain, and she was able to push as much as she could until the baby started to crown. At 9:19 pm, Ms. Emery Cadence was born, with the fullest head of hair I've ever seen on a baby! No one knew the sex of the baby, the parents wanted it to be a surprise, and it was hard to keep the tears back when my Brother-in-law started crying that it was a girl! Such a sweet little girl, and a sweet family. I am so honored that I was able to help in this birth.

 If you read the Blog I linked to, you'll note that my sister mentioned that I should offer my services to other women. I plan on it, the L-rd willing. According to the Dr., who delivered the baby, she has been looking for a good doula for several of her patients, and wanted to know if I would take them on. I plan on doing just that, but once the children are a bit older. Thank you, Katie, for allowing me into a personal and private time in your life, and allowing me to serve you and help my gorgeous niece be born!

Until Next Time,

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Keren Yeshua

Since converting to Messianic Judaism, (Jews who believe that Yeshua, a.k.a. Jesus, is the Messiah) we have hard a rather difficult time finding music that we like. Sure there are people like Paul Wilbur and I love his ministry, but in my mind there isn't enough Hebrew to his songs.

When I listen to a CD that is by an artist that claims to be Messianic Jewish, I would like to hear more Hebrew integrated with English. I am so pleased that my friend, Chris Mann, is doing just that. Years ago I was so privileged to sing with this man, serving with him on the worship team, and writing songs. It was the most incredible time in my ministry, and a time that I still think about often. I wanted to share his video, and really push this CD. There are many songs on here that we used to do together, and I am so excited about buying this CD for myself.

I cannot wait to order this CD!

Until Next Time,

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Kitchen/Dining Room is Finished!

It's been a busy couple of months here, at the new house. There isn't a day that goes by when there isn't something that I'm working on. Between painting the rooms, making curtains, or getting the school/playroom put together, I've been a busy girl!

I can't stand living out of boxes; perhaps because as a child we lived out boxes all the time. It drives the OCD part of my crazy, and I actually had the house 99% unpacked within 3 weeks of living here. With 3 kids that needed my help, I think that was pretty fast! Just because the house was unpacked didn't mean that it was anywhere near done, in my eyes. Everything had a home, but it needs the finishing touches. One of the first rooms I had to finish was the kitchen area. The orginal color was a hideous mustard yellow.

Now, I LOVE the color yellow; it's one of my favorite colors, but this yellow made me sick to look at it! Plus, when we got to painting the kitchen, it was obvious that they used a flat based paint, which showed every stain and discoloration that could happen. It was bad.

I decided, long ago, on a nice sage green. The kitchen needed sprucing up, and curtains- which I had made for the our previous house. I think the new color and effect is quite nice and really livens up the kitchen!
In addition to painting the room, I also spray painted the brass colored rings that surrounded the lights. I am not a fan of the brass color, and it really didn't look well with the green color. I bought a can of metal spray paint, at Lowe's, and painted everyone with a silver finish. The effect is muted and looks much better with the subtle tones in the kitchen.

In all, I am in love with the colors in this room. Here's a view, from the living room, looking into the dining room, breakfast nook, and kitchen. I love the way the colors go together and compliment each other so well.

My father will be building us a dining room table, so that all 10 adults can sit and enjoy Christmas dinner together. I am so fortunate that the dining room is large enough to accommodate the size table we'll need!

Until Next Time,

Monday, August 5, 2013

Make Your Own Cake Stand

I've seen these adorable cake stands, that people use for their soaps and sponges, all over Pinterest.

After reading about them, and looking at instructions on how to make them, I realized one thing- these would not last a DAY in my house! All the instructions said to use just a standard high heat hot glue gun. Now I don't know about you, but I have never had much luck in having an item, that I glued with the hot glue gun, stay together if it was used for any length of time. Sure, I've used them for art projects, wreathes, etc. but I don't touch those items everyday. After talking with my husband, here's what I did to make sure that my own cake stand stand together!

First thing I did was go to my local Dollar store and buy 2 glass plates and a glass candle stick. Total for all was $3. I brought them home and cleaned them thoroughly with rubbing alcohol to remove any residue that might hinder the glue from sticking. Then, and this is the most important part, I used an industrial strength glue gun, that you can get from Lowe's, or any hardware store. This is important, because these glue sticks are meant for heavy duty repairs- like glass, wood, or anything else. And, because it's heavy duty it lasts longer then the standard glue guns you can buy at the craft store. I put a thin bead on the narrow top of the candle stick and let it sit for about 10 seconds, then pressed it to the bottom of the top plate. The seal was immediate and strong. I decided against gluing the candle stick to the bottom plate, as I wanted to be able to clean that plate regularly. I use it to store my sponges, and it gets residue on it frequently.

Seriously that's it. I used industrial strength hot glue and glued the 2 pieces together. I would advise against washing the top plate and candlestick in water, as the water may cause the glue to come unfastened. You can clean the plate and candlestick with rubbing alcohol or glass cleaner.

I really like this space saving device. It keeps my sink clear of soaps and sponges and looks really nice!

Until Next Time,

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