Saturday, October 26, 2013


It's been awhile since I last posted, so I thought that I would share what is going on in our prehistoric household!

School is in full swing, and going really well. Jackasaurus is breezing through math, and learning his addition facts through 20. His favorite subject (no big surprise) is Language Arts. The child loves to read, and is tackling massive chapter books! He easily understands and can read large words and learns more everyday! He's easily reading at a 2nd- 3rd grade level right now. We're thinking of having him tested to make sure that we are challenging him enough for his grade level. Kinda scary that he's only 5!

Mopsy has taken to Kindergarten and run with it. She wanted so badly to learn to read, so she could be like big brother, and has really pushed herself. She can already sound out hundreds of words, and learns more everyday. She felt so proud that she read a couple of readers all by herself, without mom's help! I think I'll have another bookworm on my hands in a few months!

Alexsaur is learning lots too. I have several math games, that use pentominoes, and he loves to make the shapes out of them. He also loves his flashcards, and can easily tell you what each letter, number, and shape are already. I have no doubt that if he keeps at this rate, he'll be starting preschool next year. You can see in his small face how much he wants to be like his big brother and sister, and he's pushing himself to get there. A part of me wants to hold him back, so he can stay my little baby a bit longer, but that wouldn't be fair to him.

I find that having the schedule of schooling makes our days a lot easier and smoother. The kids love the rare day off, but even then they love to take out the plain paper and make up math problems, or write stories. I am so blessed to have 3 children who love to learn, want to learn more, and desire to push themselves. It definitely makes my job, as teacher, easier if I don't have to try and coax them to do their work. If anything, I have to try and find more work for them to do, as they want to learn more. I can only pray that this intensity continues!

One thing I wanted to share was a really cool tool I found in the toy section at Wal-Mart. Jackasuarus was having a hard time coming up with an original story every day. Yes, he has to write a story every day. I want him to understand how to write, and it gives him a chance to write out his millions of stories he loves to tell me. After doing school for about a month, he suddenly "had no more ideas in his head". His words, not mine! Anyway, these story cubes were the answer that he needed!

Not at all bad for a 5 year old, and he loves being able to roll the story cubes out and create his story. The thing to remember about homeschooling is to make it fun. I think that can really sum up the success we've had thus far. The kids don't see it as boring work that they have to do, but it's fun. Jackasuarus wants to be an Air Force Pilot when he grows up, and he knows that he has to be really good at math and science to have a successful career in it, so he makes every math problem into a game where he has to do it to fly an airplane. Make school fun, and you'll be surprised at where they will take it!

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