Sunday, October 27, 2013

Crochet Hook Holder

For my birthday, a few weeks back, we decided to take a family trip to Jamesport, Missouri. For those of you who don't know what's so special about Jamesport, it's an old Amish Town, filled with the beauty that only the Amish could give it. A simplicity fills the town, and an air of peace is over the place. It's so far out there that there is no cell service, at least not with Sprint. It was a nice break from the constant humming of cell phones and people asking for this or that. Gorgeous place.

We took the day and just walked around, looking at different places. One place we found was an amazing little craft store called Sue's Soft Stuff. In this store, she had hand spun yarns, and lots of gorgeous textiles. One thing that I found was an amazing set of wooden crochet hooks.

Yes, I made these boot cuffs for my boots. Here's the pattern Boot cuffs

When I saw these hooks, I about fainted. It's incredible hard to find a set of hooks, ranging from size 4.0 to 9 in a pack, that won't cost you an arm and a leg! There was no price on them, so when I asked, she offered to sell them all for $10! I had to hide my enthusiasm at such an amazing deal! I can't get 1 wooden hook for $10 here in the city! After paying for my purchase, we continued to look around for more amazing deals.

There's a small country store called Jamesport Country Store, where they sell the cheapest bulk items anywhere. I was able to get 20 pounds of apples for $4.70 total! Not per pound, but 20 pounds for $4.70. They also had many other amazing items, including the coolest whisk I've ever owned!

But, I digress. Once I found these hooks, I knew that I had to make a hook holder for them. Right now I have a fabric pencil case that I use to hold my metal and plastic hooks, but there was no way I was going to put my prized wooden hooks in there! So, I looked around and found an amazing pattern for a gorgeous book like holder. Crochet Hook Holder Pattern

The one problem I had with the pattern was as it was written I couldn't fit even my smallest hook in the case. I made it exactly as she wrote it, following it to the letter, but perhaps because it's made for aluminum hooks, instead of wooden ones, they would not slide in there at all! Forget about the larger hooks fitting, the smallest one wouldn't fit! So, I had to improvise and  'rewrite' the pattern myself.

Basically I did everything that she mentioned to do in the pattern, except when it came to the pouch part. I started out following like she said, but I added 2 addition rows of stitches. The first stitch I added was either a double crochet (for the larger hooks) or a half double crochet (for the smaller ones). On the 2nd stitch I added a single crochet. This made the pouches large enough so when I joined the pouch to the rest of the piece the hooks actually fit. And here's the finished product!

This antique looking button I've had for a long time, and I have clue where I got it.

Instead of doing a 5th pouch, on the left hand side, I just continued to do the double crochet so I could have a spot for small scissors and darning needles.

I absolutely love how this turned out and it's so sturdy too! My hooks are secure and safe from being broken from other hooks. I realize that I have more than 11 hooks in my case, that's because I had 3 hooks that I had collected in the past. I just paired up sizes so I wouldn't have to make more pouches.

I think the next project I do will be to make these adorable Knight Helmet hats for the boys. Jackasaurus' hat, that I made a few years ago, is to small and Alexsaur would love this hat too. I've already bought the pattern, now I just need to get started on them! I'll post my review on that pattern as soon as I'm done!

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