Friday, June 7, 2013

Planet Reuse

I wanted to tell my readers about an amazing store here in the Kansas City metro area. The store is called Planet Reuse and is an incredibly cool place to buy things for your home- and it's extremely cheap!

The cool thing about Planet Reuse is that it's sole purpose is to sell building materials at a fraction of the cost, simply to keep it out of landfills. I love that! They test every appliance that comes in, making sure that it's up to code and works well. My family and I went there the other day, looking for a mountable microwave oven. The one we have now stays in the house we're living in, and I love it to much to not get another one. But as we were pricing them, brand new, we found out that they can start at $150 and go up from there! Just a bit to much money for my liking. One of my husband's co-workers told him about Planet Reuse and as luck would have it, they had a mountable microwave!

Here's a breakdown of everything that we got for the new house, and their prices.

Mountable Microwave, including hardware- $40 (It's a Maytag and works like brand new!)
Delta bathroom faucet set- $10 (needed some cleaning, but looks brand new once I was done with it!)
2 sets of door knobs, without locks, brand new in sealed box- $5 each
2 sets of locking door knobs brand new in sealed box -$7.50 each

So, if you're running a total, we spent $75 for everything in the picture! What an amazing find this place was! And they have everything that you could need to redo your home: from doors, to sinks, to dog houses! Next time you're in need of replacing something in your home, consider finding a Habitat for Humanity store that sells things like this. Not only will you get some great pieces for your home, you're also keeping these things out of the landfill.

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