Friday, March 8, 2013

Gluten Free Cream of ____ Soup

Recently we had to put our youngest on a Gluten Free diet. Without going into details, he isn't processing wheat and gluten products properly, and it's making if difficult for his immune system since the majority of your immune system is in your gut. It hasn't been difficult to switch our youngest child's diet to gluten free; I have a sister with Celiacs and have a plethora of recipes, and know what is safe to eat.

One thing that I found, while searching for different ways to make things, is that there just isn't an easy gluten free Cream of ____ soup recipe. I could buy it, at Whole Foods, and spend way to much, or make a dry version and it's really detailed and lengthy. I saw this idea on Pinterest about making your own Cream soup, using butter, flour, milk and bouillon  cubes. It sounded like an interesting idea, except for a few problems.
1. Using flour. A no-no for gluten free eating
2. Bouillon cubes have so much junk in them, and Lord knows how many preservatives. Plus nothing on the bouillon box said that it was gluten free. There was a lot in those cubes that you couldn't even pronounce.

I started thinking, and then I found an amazing and flavorful way to make my own. I tried it tonight, and I will never buy another can of cream soup again! Here's the recipe!

Gluten Free Cream of _____ Soup

2 Tbsp. of natural butter (you want real butter, not margarine.)
2 Tbsp. of all purpose, gluten free, baking mix
1 c. of milk
2 Tbsp. of organic chicken bouillon (see below), dehyrated mushrooms, celery, etc.

Melt the butter in a small saucepan, then add the all purpose mix. Wisk until smooth, then add milk and broth base, or whatever flavor you want. Whisk until thick and smooth. The flavor is incredible! You can add less bouillon, if you want a less intense flavor.

I found this broth base and seasoning, from Orrington Farms, where you would normally get Chicken bouillon at Wal-mart. It was about $3, and well worth it. Nothing artificial, and gluten free!

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