Friday, March 1, 2013

Free Homeschool ID Cards

I remember being homeschooled as a teenager, and going to the movies with friends and not getting a student discount because I didn't have a student ID. As a teacher I can't get certain discounts on items that teachers can get, simply because I don't have a teacher's ID card.

Today a friend of mine showed me this wonderful website.  homeschoolbuyersco-op.
At this website I can print, free of charge, a student and teacher ID! Now, you have to join to get access to making them, but membership is free as well. You can pay $8 for a plastic ID, that they will send you, or you can print it off yourself and laminate it.

Here's a mock up one I made, before I made the real ones. I really appreciate someone actually having this available. I know my mom would have loved to have this, when she was homeschooling us, so she could have gotten the discounts that other teachers got. Check it out under the Freebies section.

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