Monday, February 18, 2013

At Home Gel Manicure Review

So, a couple of weeks ago I saw this idea about a home gel manicure. I was really intrigued. I love to paint my nails, but with cleaning the house everyday, washing hands, washing dishes, and just taking care of the kids my nail polish rarely lasts 3 days. By day 2 I've got wear and tear on the edges of my nails, and by day 3 it's already starting to chip. When I saw the idea that I could have a manicure last for weeks, rather then 3 days, I decided to try it.

I followed the directions exactly as she had them.
I lightly buffed my nails and wiped them with acetone nail polish remover to remove any debris and oils.
2 coats of Gelous Nail Gel, letting each coat dry between coats.
1 coat of the nail color of my choice. I used Rosy Outlook.
1 coat of Gelous Nail Gel, making sure to swipe my nail tips. Let dry
1 coat of nail color again, let dry and follow up with a top coat. I used Out the Door

The results were surprising. This was taking February 12, 2013
They turned out really great. They weren't soft, as I feared from so many coats of nail polish. I was really surprised, but could they really last as long as she claimed? She claimed that my 'gel' manicure would last for about 2 weeks. Well, that's not necessarily true.

This was taken February 17, 2013
Within 7 days it started to peel very badly. They color was still vibrant, but as I feared all the coats of polish started to peel. It probably didn't help that I cleaned the bathtub the day before and forgot my gloves. But, in my defense I had washed dishes all week, by hand, and never noticed any signs of peeling. I still think that this manicure was worth it, though. Like I said, I normally only get 3 days out of my manicure so I got more then I had hoped. Give it a try, maybe you'll have better luck then I did!

Edit: I should note that I did this same method to my toes, and they still look as good as they did they first day. Perhaps I'm to rough on my hands. Ah, the life of a mom!

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  1. Im surprised you'd go through all that work for a manicure! I'm so lazy with my nails; but I guess thats why they look horrible compared to yours!


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