Monday, February 18, 2013

At Home Gel Manicure Review

So, a couple of weeks ago I saw this idea about a home gel manicure. I was really intrigued. I love to paint my nails, but with cleaning the house everyday, washing hands, washing dishes, and just taking care of the kids my nail polish rarely lasts 3 days. By day 2 I've got wear and tear on the edges of my nails, and by day 3 it's already starting to chip. When I saw the idea that I could have a manicure last for weeks, rather then 3 days, I decided to try it.

I followed the directions exactly as she had them.
I lightly buffed my nails and wiped them with acetone nail polish remover to remove any debris and oils.
2 coats of Gelous Nail Gel, letting each coat dry between coats.
1 coat of the nail color of my choice. I used Rosy Outlook.
1 coat of Gelous Nail Gel, making sure to swipe my nail tips. Let dry
1 coat of nail color again, let dry and follow up with a top coat. I used Out the Door

The results were surprising. This was taking February 12, 2013
They turned out really great. They weren't soft, as I feared from so many coats of nail polish. I was really surprised, but could they really last as long as she claimed? She claimed that my 'gel' manicure would last for about 2 weeks. Well, that's not necessarily true.

This was taken February 17, 2013
Within 7 days it started to peel very badly. They color was still vibrant, but as I feared all the coats of polish started to peel. It probably didn't help that I cleaned the bathtub the day before and forgot my gloves. But, in my defense I had washed dishes all week, by hand, and never noticed any signs of peeling. I still think that this manicure was worth it, though. Like I said, I normally only get 3 days out of my manicure so I got more then I had hoped. Give it a try, maybe you'll have better luck then I did!

Edit: I should note that I did this same method to my toes, and they still look as good as they did they first day. Perhaps I'm to rough on my hands. Ah, the life of a mom!

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

This had been an amazing month for our family! I mentioned, in my last post, that my sister, who is a twin, is pregnant with twins herself and due in July. We had another surprise when we found out that my other sister, who is the other twin, is pregnant and due exactly one month after her sister! I will be completing my doula training in May this year, to become a licensed and registered doula, and it won't be a moment to soon! My sister in law, on my husband's side, is due in June and wants me to be her doula. Then my sister wants me to fly to California to help her deliver her twins in July, and my sister in Missouri wants me to be her doula in August! I'm going to have a very busy and rewarding summer. I'm so grateful that my husband's adopted mom is going to be watching the kids for me this summer; without her this would all be impossible. I've waited for so many years to finally become an aunt, and I'm getting my wish times four! Praise God for His blessings in our lives!

Anyway, back on track for this post. Happy Valentine's Day to all! I hope that you took today and showed that someone special that you really love them. Here's something a little silly that I found today. It had me in giggles!

In our family, Valentine's Day isn't something that's just celebrated between mommy and daddy. Our children love watching mommy and daddy shower each other with affection, and it sets the tone for their future relationships with their spouses. I grew up watching my dad make out with my mom- it never grossed me out. We want our children to know that we value them, and while we show them this everyday by our words and deeds, on special days like today we like to shower them with a bit extra.

I still remember when I was a little girl, waking up to getting a special Valentine from my mom and dad and the special chocolates. I made me feel so grown up and special when I would get these things and my dad would send my mom a dozen roses and chocolates. I know that my mom felt special, and I felt special too. We don't do candy in our house. They actually prefer to eat an apple over some candy, which is a plus in my book. We got them some personalized stuffed lovies, and made a day of doing fun "Valentine's Day" stuff.

We played silly games like tape the heart on the doll (like pin the tail on the donkey only without pins.) and made a special lunch.

Everyday I attempt to make something new for lunch, and everyday my kids ask for the same thing. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with carrots and apple slices on the side. Every day. Sometimes they might surprise me and ask for something different, but very rarely. I try to suggest different things for lunch, but I let them make the choice. Dinner is the only meal that they don't have a choice in, as I'm not making different things for different people.

Today was no different, and no surprise in what they wanted. I can only think that they love the organic jelly we use. Maybe that's why they are obsessed with it... Anyway, this year I decided to make the sandwiches special. My children adored it!

Lips and hearts cut out of their sandwiches. They thought it was the coolest thing ever, and it really made them feel special. It's the little things that show the people we care about that we love them. They talked about their lip and heart sandwiches all day, even more then the stuffed animals and cards! I hope that you took the time out today to make the people you love feel special. They're worth it.

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