Monday, February 27, 2012

Which Food Additives Make Kids Behave Badly? | Healthy Child Healthy World

I ran across an interesting blog. Which Food Additives Make Kids Behave Badly? | Healthy Child Healthy World
Now, as a parent, I always am watching what my kids eat. I don't let them have anything with HFCS, anything processed, and try really hard to make sure that they don't eat anything that's not natural. But, there are times when I can't be there. I know at church, their kids groups give them snack foods. Things like Goldfish, graham crackers, etc. Not that these foods, in and of themselves, are horrible but my kids aren't used to eating them. I've noticed that, when we get home, they are ridiculously crabby, irritable, and just a mess emotionally. I've always chalked it up to being tired; after reading this article, I'm not so sure. I know that I can't always be there to make sure that they eat what they should. Let's face it, if I packed a snack for Sundays, they wouldn't want to eat it anyway; all their friends would be eating something else, and that wouldn't be fair. I guess I'll have to make sure that they're not getting anything horrible in their diets, at home. I check all labels, but there are several things on this list that I don't check for; like food dyes. If it is something that they are really sensitive to, and the behavior is only happening when they go to kid's church, then I guess I'll have to send them with their own snacks. Just something to think about...

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Homemade Carrot Cake and Cream Cheese Frosting

Today, my oldest son turns 4 years old. Where did the time go? Birthdays are a big deal at our house, a time for family to come together and pour blessings on the birthday boy/girl and celebrate that fact that God gave this person to be a part of our family. As a mom, who likes to make things as organically and naturally as possible, I like to extend that to the birthday cake, as well. I've found, thru many trials and errors, that most natural, low to no sugar cakes are dry! This year, I've come across a recipe, from the Le Leche Legue, that is an incredibly moist and tasty carrot cake, with no white sugar! You can use sugar, but I used honey, and it was so good! Every one loved it! Here's the recipe for you!

Carrot cake      
This makes a one ­layer cake.
4 or 5 medium carrots
1 1/2 cups unbleached. enriched white flour

 l teaspoon cinnamon
l teaspoon  baking powder
l teaspoon baking soda

 l/2 teaspoon salt
l/2 cup oil (You can also use applesauce, instead of oil. Just use the same amount, that they call for in oil, for the applesauce)
1/2 cup honey or l cup sugar 

2 eggs
l teaspoon vanilla extract

1. Peel the carrots. Grate them with a grater or a food processor to make two cups.
2. In a large measuring cup, sift together flour, cinnamon, baking powder, baking soda, and salt.
3. In a food processor, blender, or electric mixer. cream together the oil and honey or sugar.
4. Blend in eggs and vanilla extract. 

5. Blend in dry ingredients. alternately with the grated carrots.
6. Transfer to a greased, square baking dish, 9x9 inches
7. Bake at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 to 35 minutes (45 min. if you've doubled the recipe).
8. Cool in the pan for five or ten minutes. Then transfer to a wire

rack, and cool completely. If you wish, frost with cream cheese or other frosting.

Cheese Frosting

6 ounces cream cheese, softened
2 tablespoons honey or 1/4 cup sugar  

l teaspoon vanilla extract 
1. Use a blender, food processor, or electric mixer. Blend together cream cheese, honey or sugar, and vanilla extract, until smooth.
2. Chill to make it firm enough for frosting and decorating.

It's a great cake, and a wonderful way to celebrate someone's birthday! Now, if someone could invent the serum to stop this accursed growing up, so my baby stays 4 forever, I'll take some!

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bunny and Carrot

Big bunny teeth look ready to bite into a carrot that's as big as he is! This is the last animal that we made, using those plastic Easter eggs. It's easy to make, and super cute!

You will need:
Orange and Pink plastic egg
white, pink, and green cardstock
hot glue gun
Small piece of white cotton for tail


Cut out 2 white ears, a roundish box shape for the feet and a small rectangle for the teeth, out of the white. Cut out a small pink circle for the nose. Round off the feet, towards the front, and draw toe lines. Draw a single line, on the teeth, to mark out the 2 teeth.

Make a 90 degree fold in the ears, at the widest part of the ear.

Glue on the ears, on the fold line.

Glue on teeth, nose, and feet. Draw eyes and whiskers. Take a small piece of cotton, and glue on the back, for tail.

Take a nail, and hammer it thru the top of the orange egg. Cut out 3 (or more) strips of green, for the leaves. Mine look a little like pea pods, I think...

Gather your leaves together, and force them all thru the hole you just made.

Keep pulling the leaves out, until you have just a bit left on the inside. Hot glue them, on the inside, so they don't get pulled out.

Let your bunny proudly display his prize!

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

2 Pigs in a Mud Bath

Yesterday, I showed you how to make a cute bird's nest, complete with 3 little chicks and today I'm going to show you how to make the cutest pigs, out of plastic Easter eggs! It's a very easy project, and I'm sure you and your children will have alot of fun making these!

You will Need:
Pink Plastic eggs
cardstock paper for ears and nose
pink pipe cleaner
hot glue gun
bone folder

Cut out a small circle and 2 ear shapes for each pig. I didn't have a template, so I just free handed it.

 Make a 90 degree fold in each ear, at the widest part of the ear. Hot glue the ears on, on the folded line, on each side of the egg. Use bone folder to hold ears on, as they dry. Glue snout on.

Draw 2 black eyes, with you Sharpie, and 2 nostrils.

Cut 2 pieces of pink pipe cleaners, about 4 inches long. Fold them in half, to make a 'V' shape. Hot glue the legs to the bottom of the pig, making sure to evenly space them. Curl a small piece of pipe cleaner into a curly que, and hot glue to the back of the pig.

Once legs are dry and cool, spread them out and trim them to fit their body. Take some brown cardstock, or whatever you have on hand, and cut out a nice mud puddle for them to sit in!

Tomorrow, I'll show you how to make an adorable bunny and carrot, using those plastic Easter eggs! My kids adore these pigs, and I know you will too!

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Little Chicks and Nest

I don't know about you, but I have about a million of those little plastic eggs, sitting in the basement, waiting for Easter. I don't think I've ever used them all, when doing our Easter egg hunts, and so the little eggs continue to just sit in a plastic tub. I'm always trying to think of cute ways to decorate, but also use what I have, instead of wasting money and buying new stuff. Well, I made 3 different sets of animals (the other 2 I will share on later posts), and I thought I would share how I made them!

You will need:
Plastic eggs
Cardstock paper, in colors to match your eggs, and in a color for the beak
hot glue gun
Bone Folder
A bowl
Brown yarn
Brown Easter basket paper
double sided tape

Cut out 2 wings, for each egg. I didn't have a template, so I just 'winged' it! HA! I 'crack' myself up sometimes! Anyway, just make 2 wing type shapes. Cut out a square in orange for the beak.
Fold the orange paper in half, making the beak. I ended up clipping the ends of the triangle off, where it sits against the egg, to make it fit a bit better.  Hot glue to the very top of your egg

Make a small fold on the wide part of your wing. It makes it much easier to glue onto your bird. Hot glue onto the seam of the egg, making sure that it's equally distant, so your bird doesn't look lopsided. Hold in place with your bone folder, until dry.
Curl your wings under, using your fingers. Your can curl them down as much as you like.

Add 2 black dots for eyes, using the Sharpie, and you have a little bird!

To make the nest:
I hot glued some yarn to the bottom. While it worked, it was way to messy to keep going like that, so I took double sided tape and decided to stick the yarn on like that.
I wrapped the yarn, making sure that the yarn was hitting the tape as much as possible. I kept wrapping the yarn around, until the outside was completely covered. I filled it with brown Easter grass, and put my 3 little hungry birds in the nest!
My son says that they need some worms, but I think we'll pass on that one! Tomorrow, I'll show you how to make an adorable set of pigs, in a pile of mud!

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

LED Daffodil Votive Holders

I saw this idea on Martha Stewart's website. I thought it was so cute, looked so nice, but there was no way I was going to make these things for a 1 time event, or to hold candy around the house. Yeah, that's what I need, is a 4 year old with a sugar rush! But, I got to thinking about how cute they would look as LED votive holders. So, I decided to make these, and share with you!

You will need:
Paper in various colors of yellow
mini muffin papers
double sided tape

Print and cut out template; trace onto paper. Cut out daffodils. I made 12

Cut small strips of double sided tape and stick to the mini muffin papers.

Peel off paper, from tape, and stick to daffodil
Simple, right?! These make really cute holders, and can grace your house all Spring long!
*DISCLAIMER: I realize that the title does say LED Daffodil Votive Holder, but I want to make extra clear that these votive holders are NOT for wax votives. If you decide to put wax candle votives in these holders, and light the candles, these papers will burn! This is NOT  fire proof paper, nor safe to use around fire! LED votives are battery operated, and won't catch the paper on fire!*

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Home Made Baby Wipes

I'm always trying to save money, where ever I can. One way that I save a lot, is by making my own baby wipes. Those wipes can really add up, and fast! I use them for everything, from wiping noses to bottoms, it didn't make sense to pay upwards to $15 for a box of 6 packs of wipes! So, I searched the internet, and found lots of recipes. I tried several different ones, and found one that I really like. So, I thought I would share it with you!

You will need:
Roll of paper towels (I like the Viva brand. You can get whatever brand you want, but make sure that it is one that stays strong when wet. Trust me, I tried the cheapo paper towels, and had to use 6 times as much just to clean the dirty bottoms.)
Plastic container with a lid
2 TBSP. Olive Oil
2 TBSP. Baby wash
2 C. water

Step One:
Cut your paper towels in half and remove the cardboard center.

Removing the core is can be easier said then done, but I like to grab the core, and twist it up and out. Some of the brands of paper towels really like to glue that first piece on, and it makes it really hard to get off cleanly!

Step Two:
Pour 2 TBSP of Olive Oil in resealable container. Add 2 TBSP of baby wash, and 2 C. of water. Stir slowly, so that you don't make to many bubbles.

Step 3:
Put paper towels in the mixture. Wait until almost all the liquid is absorbed, and flip the paper towels, so that they get thoroughly soaked. Put the lid on the container, and write out your recipe, so you don't forget!

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Regrowing Produce from Scraps

Awhile back, I ran across this gardening site, that claimed that you could grow 5 different vegetables from scraps. I don't know if you've noticed or not, but produce is expensive! So, if I can regrow some of that produce, from the scraps that I would put in the compost pile, then let's try it!

I bought a package of green onions, from the store, and as I used them, I saved the lighter green to white parts, and soaked them in water. In 2 days, the re-growth looked like this:
I make sure when there's any sun shining in the window, that they are getting sunlight, and they have plenty of water. When the weather warms up, I'll plant the bulbs and put them in the window. The roots are getting quite large! As long as the green onions keep up the growth, I'll never have to buy green onions again! I think I'll try the celery next...

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hydrating Rose Oil for Face

I found this recipe in a wonderful book, called Gorgeously Green . Seriously, this book is amazing! I devoured the whole thing, so many wonderful ideas! One of the ideas was Rose Oil, for your face. I just recently started using the Oil Cleansing Method, and while I love the results of the cleansing method, my skin still needs it’s Rose oil. I love the fact that it’s all natural, and good for my skin! Here’s the recipe that I use.

A glass jar with a dropper top
Sweet Almond Oil

Geranuim Oil
Rosemary oil
Lavendar Oil

Add the Sweet Almond oil to the jar, filling it almost all the way up. Add 5 (or more) drops of all the oils.
In the book, she tells you to use Rose oil, and add Vitamin E to your mixture. Whole Foods, where I got my oils at, didn’t have Rose oil, but had the Rosemary. I’ve been using this oil for 2 years, and I like the Rosemary. I didn’t add the Vitamin E to my mix; I prefer to put that on when needed only.  I love using this oil; it smells so nice and feels so good on your skin.

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