Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fun with Math!

I haven't been posting as much as I want, as we are in full swing with our schooling! Mopsy is doing amazing, writing her letters and numbers really well. She's got her colors, counting, alphabet, and cause and effect down. She's only 3, but if she keeps going this route, she'll be starting kindergarten next year!  Jackasaurus is doing better then I even imagined; quickly moving up from a kindergarten reading level to a 1st grade reading level. He also has quite a mind for math. I figured that I would start on simple things, like basic addition, and leave it at that for awhile. He took it to the next level, starting subtraction  and learning to read analog clocks. Who am I to stand in their way?

One thing that I have noticed, is that Jackasaurus learns better when his mind and hands are engaged. He is a very active 4 year old, and like most 4 year olds, he needs to move and have fun! I think one of the reasons he learns so well, is that he is having a blast while learning. It's not boring; monotonous. His favorite time in school is to do Lego math. He loves working the math problems while building Legos.

He loves this activity, and it makes learning so much fun for him! We also have a play clock, that he can move the hands on and play with as he does his problems. School can be a boring thing for kids; especially when it's a nice day outside and all they want to do is run! Make it a fun thing for them; a time to learn and play! I think you will be surprised at the outcome!

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